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CATALOGUE A49, OCT 2017: ITEMS NO 301-399

301 FINE CASED PR OF FULL STOCKED FLINTLOCK DUELLING PISTOLS by MC CORMICK: 28 bore; 10″ oct swamped barrels; MC CORMICK BELFAST engraved to top flat; AD 1791 49 marked under barrels; silver dovetail front sights, notched rear sights; gold bands to breech; stepped locks with floral tributes; bolted safeties; swan necked cocks; rollers to the frizzens & signed MC CORMICK; gold vents & gold washed pans; iron furniture; engraved butt cap; scallop shaped t/guard with pineapple finial engraved with floral tributes; g. profiles; clear engraving & markings; 70% orig lt brown finish to barrels; steel grey to locks & furniture with v. fine pitting & discolouration to locks; vg stocks with chequered butt & sml chip to forend & sml repair to one pistol; silver oval escutcheon to wrist with SW; gwo & exc cond. Presented in their exc cond orig mahogany case with flush fitting carrying handle; partitioned & lined in green baize; missing trade label; with 3 way leather covered flask; ivory pan brush, brass oil bottle, ebony cleaning rod, pan prick, combo turn screw, mould & main spring clamp. C.1791 N/L Catalogue A49 Item 301 $18000 – 23000
302 GERMAN WHEEL LOCK FULL STOCKED SPORTING RIFLE: .620 Cal; 31″ swamped heavy octagonal barrel, g. bore with 8 grooves, barrel makers mark to breech; iron notched blade front & rear sights; flat lock engraved with scrolls & geometric patterns & what appears as I G WISTAITER IN MINGHIN, with internal wheel, hinged flash guard, engraved dog terminates with ornate turned knob; brass trigger guard, side plate, thumb rest & r.rod pipes; little wear to profiles; silver grey patina to barrel & fittings;  full stock of classic form with ivory inlay of hunting dogs, boar, huntsman & geometric designs, etc, stock in g. cond except for sliver absent to barrel channel lhs; horn nose cap & ramrod tip, ramrod altered & not full length, sliding fluted patch box with ivory inlay bands; g. cond o/all. C.1650 N/L Catalogue A49 Item 302 $11000 – 12000
303 FRENCH FLINTLOCK FULL STOCKED SIEGE MUSKET: .80 Cal; 45” octagonal barrel, iron blade front sight, notched V rear sight, f. smooth bore; unmarked rounded banana lock with swan neck cock; mottled silver grey patina to barrel, lock & furniture; g. walnut stock of early club butt form with some small dents, no butt plate, iron furniture throughout; gwo & cond. C. 1750. N/L Catalogue A49 Item 303 $5000 – 6000
304 SILESIAN WHEEL LOCK BIRDING RIFLE (TSCHINKE): 120 bore; 37½” slender octagonal swamped barrel rifled with 8 grooves, punched & chiselled with scrollwork about the fore-sight, over the median & the breech & to the barrel tang; lock of characteristic form decorated en-suite with the barrel, fitted with external wheel, sliding pan cover has release button, button catch for setting the sear, finely engraved dog depicting marine monster; full stock is of fruitwood profusely inlaid over its entire length with engraved ivory fantasy beast plaques within symmetrical arrangements all within horn segmental lines, prolific butt inlay includes, huntsman, deer, bear, hare, marine monsters, scrolls & adorned with mother-of-pearl flowers throughout, sliding patchbox-cover decorated en-suite, engraved horn butt-plate & ramrod tip; unadorned ivory ramrod-pipes & fore-end cap; iron trigger-guard, lock & barrel with silver grey patina; stock has repairs to barrel channel edges & repairs to some inlaid panels; g cond o/all. C.1650. N/L Catalogue A49 Item 304 $14000 – 15000
305 GERMAN WHEEL LOCK FULL STOCKED SPORTING RIFLE: .550 Cal; 28¾ ” octagonal barrel, g. bore with 6 grooves & straight rifling, faint A LIND engraved to breech; brass front & iron rear sights; flat lock profusely engraved with hunting scene of deer chased by hound, with internal wheel, sliding pan cover, engraved & heavily chiselled dog terminates with ornate knob; steel trigger guard; some wear to profiles & action; soft grey patina to barrel & lock; full stock of classic form profusely inlaid with panels of ivory hunting dogs, hares, trees, boar, deer, huntsmen, fruit & flowers etc, g. stock with v. small aged splits & a few repairs; ivory horn nose cap, r/rod tip, r/rod pipes, sliding patch box with en-suite ivory inlay; some insect damage to horn butt plate; g. cond o/all C.1650 N/L Catalogue A49 Item 305 $9000 – 11000
306 GERMAN WHEEL LOCK FULL STOCKED SPORTING RIFLE: .620 Cal; 33″ swamped heavy octagonal barrel; g. bore with 8 grooves, barrel makers mark to breech & marked 9; brass front & iron rear sights; flat lock with rounded tail engraved with scrolls, geometric patterns & featuring two angels bordering a blank panel engraved with H G K, with internal wheel, chased & engraved steel wheel cover, sliding pan cover, un-adorned dog terminates with turned knob; iron trigger guard, adjustable set trigger; little wear to profiles, silver grey patina to barrel, dark brown patina to lock; horn nose cap & ramrod pipe (one missing); full stock includes full length scalloping to ramrod channel, decorative panels of inlay include the use of ebony, bone & mother of pearl; bone patch box lid engraved with hunting scene with huntsman, hound, deer & stag; g. stock with minor bruising & g. profiles, missing ramrod pipe recess infilled with matching woodwork; horn butt plate has insect damage. vg cond o/a C.1700 N/L Catalogue A49 Item 306 $11000 – 12000
307 BRITISH PERCUSSION MUSKET: .78 Cal, 39” barrel, f. bore, military lug style front & rear sights, commercial view & proof marks to breech; border engraved lock with Crown over 1847; mellow patina to regulation style brass furniture ; barrel & lock with brown patina; smooth profiles, light stains & uniform dark brown patina; g. cond stock with minor bruises, o/a gwo & cond. A nice example of a commercially made Pattern 1842 Musket. N/L Catalogue A49 Item 307 $1800 – 2200
308 BOXER REBELLION SNIDER RIFLE: .577 Cal; 30½” barrel, exc bore with 5 grooves, regulation sights, rear graduated to 1250 yds, commercial proofs to breech; plain lock with Crown to tail & stamped TOWER 1869; g cond action marked SNIDERS PATENT; dark brown finish to barrel, lacquered silver/brown finish to other parts; iron furniture, butt LHS in white lettering states I WAS CAPTURED AT THE STORMING OF SHIKOO ARSENAL CHINA 1899; g. dark brown walnut stock with moderate bruising throughout, complete with square headed iron ramrod, both sling swivels & snap cap & chain; exc w o & g cond.  A unique piece of history. N/L Catalogue A49 Item 308 $1800 – 2000
309 EUROPEAN JAEGAR PERCUSSION RIFLE: .56 Cal; 30” octagonal barrel with brown twist pattern finish, chambered breech, exc bore with 8 grooves, raised top rib to full length with inlet iron front sight & 3 recessed folding leaf sights for 100, 150 & 200 yds; plain lock with borderline engraving; adjustable set trigger; vg cond full stock, carved in relief foliate work to cheek rest, breech, chequered wrist & chequered forehand grip areas, ivory inlay escutcheons to stock sides incorporate barrel keys, similar inlay to breech apron & below butt; brass trigger guard, side plate, butt plate, ramrod pipes, sheet metal nose cap, steel ramrod with brass head; stock with dark even patina; o/a g wo & cond. C.1840. N/L Catalogue A49 Item 309 $1500 – 1800
310 BRITISH JACOBS PERCUSSION DOUBLE RIFLE: 32 bore; 24″ barrels; g bores with very well defined 4 groove rifling; std front & rear sights for this model rifle; bayonet boss to rhs; back action locks marked SWINBURNE & SON PATENT 1860; g. profiles & clear markings; brown/grey patina to barrels & sights; soft grey to hammers, locks & hinged steel patch box; scroll grip iron t/guard; patch box marked JACOBS RIFLES; g. cond stock with moderate bruises & scratches; all complete with swivels & rod; gwo & cond.  A very scarce rifle. N/L Catalogue A49 Item 310 $3800 – 4500
311 EUROPEAN SxS HAMMER CAPE GUN:.55 Cal & 16G; 29″ barrels; g. bores; raised top rib with inset fore & 3 leaf rear sight, European proof marks below breech; g. tight break open breech & extraction; adj trigger to rifled barrel; back action locks engraved with foliate, deer & fleeing stag, one hammer a fair replacement; iron & horn t/guard, ensuite engraving to t/guard & breech action incorporates deer, pheasants, scrolls, foliate & geometric designs etc, all engraving clear & in g. cond; brown twist finish to barrel, dark grey patina to locks & action, honey colour patina to g. cond stock with cheek rest & smooth wrist chequering; complete with sling attachments; gwo & cond. C.1890 #A37481 L/R Catalogue A49 Item 311 $600 – 800
312 AUSTRALIAN COLONIAL SNIDER CAVALRY CARBINE: .577 Cal; 19.2″ barrel; f. bore with 3 grooves; std front
& rear sights; lock plate with Crown VR & TOWER 1860; breech action with Govt inspection stamps & Mk II **; mellow brass regulation furniture of the period; re blued finish to all metal parts; f. profiles & clear markings; orig stock with repair to lhs barrel channel, smoothed profiles; NSW VC 388 to rhs  of butt; complete with leather sight cover & snap cap & chain; gwo & vg cond; gwo & f. cond. N/L
Catalogue A49 Item 312 $600 – 800
313 EUROPEAN JAEGAR PILLAR BREECH PERCUSSION RIFLE: .56 Cal; 28½” octagonal barrel with pillar breech,
g. bore with 7 grooves, white metal front sight & notched rear sight, fitted with sword bayonet bar; plain lock & hammer
with no embellishments or markings; silver mottled brown patina to barrel, silver grey to lock, dark brown to furniture; iron furniture & steel ramrod with brass; g cond full stock with only minor bruising & cheek rest to lhs, escutcheons to barrel
keys & sling screw; o/a g wo & cond. C.1840  An interesting rifle N/L
Catalogue A49 Item 313 1700 – 2000
314 WERDER CAVALRY CARBINE: 11mm Cal: 15.6” barrel with recessed front sight & notched rear sight with leaf, ELG stamp to breech, f. bore with 4 grooves; breech, action, stock, sight leaf stamped 2262; dark brown patina to barrel & iron furniture; g. cond stock with minor to moderate bruising, A.FRANCOTTE LIEGE roundel to butt rhs; two rings attached to t/guard; even brown patina to stock. o/a g. cond. C1870 #2262 N/L Catalogue A49 Item 314 $1000 – 1300
315 FRENCH FLINTLOCK POACHERS GUN: 32G; 35.8” round barrel with raised “spine”, f. bore; rear sight incorporated with breech tang & front sight with foremost barrel band; plain rounded lock with swan neck cock, half cock position a/f; iron furniture comprises barrel bands, ornate side nail washers & t/guard with ornately outlined finial; dark brown patina to barrel & lock; vg “walking stick” stock of dark patina with detachable butt, the entire butt end carved into a dogs head with a silver band inlaid collar inscribed ER & FLY; fine chequering to wrist & forehand; iron ramrod; o/a g cond. C.1800 N/L Catalogue A49 Item 315 $2500 – 3000
316 NORWEGIAN KAMMERLADER PERCUSSION BREECH LOADING RIFLE: .66 Cal; 35.6″ rnd barrel secured by 3 brass bands, bayonet lug to lhs; g. bore, 6 grooves; brass front sight, 2 stage flip rear sight mounted with band to barrel; 849 stamped to most parts; breech operates similar to the American Hall’s breech loader by pulling back on the side lever, it lifts up the block; under hammer action, with thick model hammer; iron t/guard & fittings; g. profiles & clear markings; silver grey finish to barrel, brown/blue to breech; grey to fittings; mellow patina to bands & butt plate which has tangs over & under the butt & is marked TMC 849  A 32.M.C. B.109; g. stock, minor bruising; gwo & cond. C.1855 #849 N/L Catalogue A49 Item 316 $1500 – 1800
317 COMBINATION O/U FLINTLOCK GUN: .58 Cal & 25G; 31.6” barrels, 1 x round 2 stage & one octagonal 7 groove rifled barrel, fair bores; brass blade front sights, notch rear sight; rounded lock with swan neck cock, brass side plate engraved with American eagle; a lever in front of the trigger guard enables the barrels to be rotated; new browned finish to barrels, silver grey to iron parts, new finish to brass; full stock nicely carved & shaped & holds side mounted ramrod in brass pipes; brass furniture, wood patch box & cheek rest with en-suite scroll carving; new red/brown colour to woodwork; gun has been professionally restored; gwo & cond.  C.1740 N/L Catalogue A49 Item 317 $1800 – 2500
318 ENGLISH FLINTLOCK RIFLE: .62 Cal; 33½” heavy octagonal swamped barrel, f. bore with 9 grooves, brass bead fore sight, 3 stage steel rear sight, makers mark stamped to breech within brass inlet shield; stepped lock plate engraved BOWSTEAD, fitted with swan neck cock, half cock position a/f, includes double bridled pan & roller frizzen; steel furniture comprises 3 rod pipes, butt plate & engraved t/guard with pineapple finial; silver brown patina to barrel, darker patina to lock, steel furniture with light to moderate pitting; full stock with minor bruising & deep mark to butt rhs, repair to muzzle lhs, splits to stock lhs near middle rod pipe & below muzzle & tiny age cracks near lock, f to g wrist chequering; steel ramrod
has end with brass sheathed worm end; presents well o/a.   C.1790 N/L
Catalogue A49 Item 318 $1200 – 1500
319 ENGLISH PERCUSSION RIFLE: .56 Cal; 23” octagonal barrel with integral ramrod pipe on underside rib, small blade front sight & 3 leaf rear sight, hook breech, platinum band to top 3 flats & vent plug; flat lock with sliding safety & pronounced border engraving & acanthus & scrolls & engraved Rols in Germanic style, dolphin head hammer engraved en-suite; good profiles to all components; silver brown patina to barrel, silver grey to lock; half stock with cheek rest, sling eyelets & with minor bruising & chip missing near lock, g. cond wrist chequering; vacant silver wrist escutcheon, barrel key mounted with silver escutcheons, horn nose cap, squared iron trigger guard & scroll grip engraved with stand of arms has pineapple finial, iron butt plate with long slender tang engraved en-suite & brown patina to furniture, even walnut colour throughout stock; replaced rod; gwo & cond.  C.1845 N/L Catalogue A49 Item 319 $800 – 1100
320 H.NOCK S/B 1/2 STOCKED PERCUSSION FOWLER: 14G; 34¼” damascus round to octagonal barrel, u/side  marked TWISTED & with Gunmaker’s view & proof marks; hook breech; partial gold band to breech & stamped H-NOCK; stepped lock marked H.NOCK, faint engraving, converted from flint with odd fit to nipple lump; pineapple finial t/guard with faint engraving; worn profiles in general; silver brown  damascus finish to barrel with clear pattern; grey to lock; grey t/guard & fittings; stock with finely chequered work to wrist barely visible, cheek rest to butt lhs, forewood has been expertly replaced with splice beginning at vacant oval escutcheon; with horn tipped rod with worm end; gwo & f cond.  C.1810. N/L   Catalogue A49 Item 320 $700 – 900
321 TASMANIAN ISSUE BRITISH TOWER 1853 PATT 2ND MODEL PERCUSSION RIFLE: 577 Cal; 39″ barrel; exc bore; std front & rear sights; lock marked VR ROYAL CYPHER 1856 TOWER; blue/brown finish to barrel, light grey to bands, lock & fittings; mellow finish to brass regulation furniture with butt tang marked CG 129; (City Guards) vg profiles & lock markings; vg cond stock, complete with swivels, correct rod, nipple protector & socket bayonet, same unit, different number CG 196; gwo & excellent cond. N/L Catalogue A49 Item 321 $1400 – 1600
322 EUROPEAN FULL STOCK FLINTLOCK MUSKET: 75 Cal; 43¾” 2 stage barrel with lug front sight; poor bore;
plain rounded banana shaped lock with swan neck cock & unbridled pan; brass furniture of robust design; stock has replaced section near muzzle, a few borer holes, some degradation to rhs at butt plate, but generally in good cond, lhs butt with markings; complete with sling swivels & ramrod; mottled brown/grey patina to barrel & lock, even light brown woodwork; gwo & f .cond. C.1780 N/L
Catalogue A49 Item 322 $1000 – 1200
323 ENGLISH FLINTLOCK 1/2 STOCKED SHOTGUN by H.W.MORTIMER & SONS: 8 bore; 28″ rnd barrel; g. bore which needs a clean; gold band & escutcheon with H.W.MORTIMER to breech; bead front sight; flat lock with pronounced border engraving, heel engraved with game birds, engraved H.W Mortimer & Sons; fitted with replacement cock, action slightly a/f, roller to frizzen, rain proof pan; iron furniture, mottled grey brown damascus finish to barrel, light grey to lock, scroll t/guard with worn engraving & pineapple finial, engraved breech & butt plate tangs; stock has been expertly repaired with surfaces fitted to lock & side plate areas, infilled sling swivel hole to butt, rhs stock numbered 59,  silver barrel key escutcheons & nose cap, good replacement ramrod; even brown to stock; all complete; fwo & cond. C.1835 L/R Catalogue A49 Item 323 $1500 – 1800
324 ENGLISH FLINTLOCK RIFLE BY WESTLEY RICHARDS: .75 Cal; 42” barrel with notched front & rear sights, platinum vent; fair bore that needs a clean, rifled with 7 straight grooves; stepped lock with acanthus foliate engraving marked WESTLEY RICHARDS, double bridle semi rain proof pan, roller frizzen spring, faced frizzen; full stock in g. cond with smoothed profiles, expert repair to lhs forend & butt toe, distinctive early shape butt with cheek rest; brass rod pipes, butt plate & trigger guard which has pineapple finial & faint engraving; adjustable set double trigger, action slightly a/f; replaced rod; grey patina to barrel & lock, dark stock; g cond o/a. C.1815 N/L Catalogue A49 Item 324 $1500 – 2000
325 SPRINGFIELD ARMOURY MODEL 1812 TYPE II U.S. FLINTLOCK MUSKET: .69” Cal; 42” barrel with bayonet lug top side, view & proof marks to breech; poor bore & slight crown damage; standard original unconverted flat lock with reinforced cock, tail stamped 1816, plate stamped with an Eagle over SPRINGFIELD; dark brown patina to barrel, lock & fittings; regulation iron furniture, 3 bands retained with short springs that are a Type II feature, front band incorporates brass sight blade, butt tang stamped 1816, replacement rod, both sling swivels present; stock in g cond with minor bruising, smooth profiles; complete with correct bayonet w/s; gwo & cond. A scarce type in original condition. N/L Catalogue A49 Item 325 $2000 – 2500
326 SCARCE CALLISHER & TERRY SPORTING RIFLE: 52 bore; 33.5″ barrel; g. bore; blade front sight & rear ladder sight;  border engraved lock marked CALISHER & TERRY LONDON; TERRYS PATENT 52 BORE to receiver; std iron furniture; complete with swivels & snap cap; S/N. 1925 to t/guard & bolt handle; g cond stock with g. chequering to wrist & forend, minor & mod bruising; steel butt plate with trap door; steel nose cap; gwo & cond. C.1865 N/L Catalogue A49 Item 326 $2400 – 2800
327 ENGLISH J. SQUIRES PERCUSSION SHOTGUN: 10G; 31½” round to octagonal 3 stage barrel, breech with gold band, platinum safety plug & engraved I SQUIRES, 12 CASTLE ST. WHITECHAPEL, LONDON.; flat lock with decorative border & acanthus scroll engraving, marked I SQUIRES, dolphin shaped hammer engraved en-suite; as new browned damascus finish to barrel, grey patina to steel fittings; figured pistol grip walnut stock with chequered wrist & forend, smooth profiles, some bruises, a chip missing near lock; vacant silver escutcheon to wrist, engraved silver nose cap & silver barrel key escutcheons; steel furniture with butt tang, pineapple finial squared t/guard & nose cap all engraved en-suite, includes hunting dog to t/guard & game birds to butt tang; complete with original rod; gwo & cond. C.1860 N/L Catalogue A49 Item 327 $900 – 1200
328 EASTERN TRIBAL MIQUELET LOCK RIFLE: .45 Cal; 34¼” heavy swamped oct barrel with blade front & notched rear sights, some use of brass decorative pattern in 3 places; bore has hexagonal rifling; flat lock of basic construction with horizontal cock; full stock with worn profiles & splits to underside & rhs muzzle area, wooded patchbox to underside of butt; iron t/guard, rod & rather decorative sling swivel; fair cond given its construction background. C mid-19th century. N/L Catalogue A49 Item 328 $600 – 800
329 BRITISH PRIVATE CONTRACT VOLUNTEER PATT BROWN BESS FLINTLOCK MUSKET by T. LACY: 750 Cal; 39″ barrel; p. bore; std front block sight; Birmingham proofs to the breech; plain lock marked T. LACY LONDON; fitted with a re-inforced cock with moderate pitting & integral pan; mellow brass regulation furniture; g. profiles & markings; dark blue/grey finish to barrel, lock & fittings; g. stock with minor bruising; complete with rod, no swivels; wo, does not hold on full cock. C.1810 N/L Catalogue A49 Item 329 $2300 – 2600
330 BRITISH ALTERED PATT 1842 SEA SERVICE MUSKET: 758 Cal; 30″ barrel; p. bore; std sights & fittings; lock marked VR ROYAL CYPHER TOWER 1857; brass regulation furniture with NO.1 stamped to butt tang; slight wear to profiles with pitting at the bolster; plum finish to barrel, lock & fittings; f to g stock with mod bruising & hairline cracks to both sides of wrist above the t/guard; complete with swivels, no rod; gwo & f to g cond. Dated 1857 N/L Catalogue A49 Item 330 $1200 – 1400
331 WHITWORTH MILITARY SMALL BORE PERCUSSION MATCH RIFLE: hexagonal 451 Cal; 35” barrel; std  sights with front blade missing & rear V notch from the ladder; plain lock with Whitworth motif over W & inscribed MANCHESTER, ORDNANCE & RIFLE CO; steel regulation type furniture; g. profiles & clear markings; plum finish to barrel, bands, t/guard & lock plate; f. stock with chequered wrist & forend, butt has bruising & marks & altered to have a cheek rest; missing swivels & rod; gwo & f. cond. C.1860 N/L Catalogue A49 Item 331 $700 – 800
332 NSW POLICE ISSUE ALEXANDER HENRY 2ND MODEL CARBINE: 450 Cal; 20″ barrel; g. bore; std sights; breech marked N.S.W. POLICE 470 also V.P. 070R to lhs of breech; action marked B.A.CO LD 1880, obverse side HENRY’S PATENT; sharp profiles & markings; blue/plum finish to all metal; g. stock with minor bruising; gwo & vg cond. N/L Catalogue A49 Item 332 $1300 – 1600
333 B.S.A. 2ND MODEL MARTINI CADET RIFLE: .310 Cal; 25.2″ barrel; g. bore; std sights & fittings; C of A & Vic Govt marks to rhs of action; B.S.A. Trade mark to lhs; g. profiles & markings; thinning blue finish to barrel, action & fittings; g. stock with mod bruising; complete with swivels & foresight cover; gwo & cond. #54804 L/R Catalogue A49 Item 333 $300 – 350
334 VICTORIAN GOVT ISSUE LONDON B.S.A & Mco MkI/MkII MARTINI HENRY SERVICE RIFLE: 450 Cal; std barrel length, front & rear sights; vg bore; receiver marked ROYAL CYPHER VR B.S.A. & M.Co 1875 1; g. profiles, clear markings; dark brown patina barrel, action & fittings; vg stock with minor bruising & VICT GOVT & WD roundel stamps & 1 to rhs; all complete with swivels, rod & new sling; gwo & cond. N/L Catalogue A49 Item 334 $900 – 1100
335 FRANCOTTE PAT. VICT. GOVT ISSUE MARTINI ACTION CADET RIFLE: 297-230 Cal; 27½” barrel; g. bore; std sights; VICTORIA GOVT & FRANCOTTES PATENT markings to action lhs; g profiles; clear markings; 60% orig blue finish to barrel & action; soft brown to furniture; g. stock with faint Govt stamps to lhs of butt, mod staining, smooth profiles; numbered 3957 to lock, stock & barrel; gwo & cond. N/L Catalogue A49 Item 335 $300 – 500
336 FRANCOTTE LEVER ACTION TAKE DOWN RIFLE: 297-230; C.F; 25″ barrel; g. bore; rhs action engraved La Francotte, lhs has MACHINE MADE BY A. FRANCOTTE & CO MAKER’S & PATENTEE LEIGE-(BELGIUM)
& A FRANCOTTE BREVETE, 13061; removable barrel & action lever to rhs; vg. wooden stock to within 4½” of muzzle, butt lhs with AUGUSTUS FRANCOTTE LIEGE & LA FRANCOTTE; blue finish to barrel & all fittings; complete with sling & swivels; wo & cond. N/L
Catalogue A49 Item 336 $600 – 800
337 DOOLEY D/B PERCUSSION SPORTING RIFLE: 13 bore; 31″ damascus barrels; g. bores & 7 groove rifling; bead front sight with one standing & 2 folding rear sights; rib inscribed DOOLEY 11 RANELAGH ST LIVERPOOL; acanthus foliate engraved locks marked DOOLEY; vacant silver escutcheon to wrist; steel engraved pineapple finial t/guard with scroll grip; vg profiles, clear address, engravings & markings; silver grey finish to barrels, locks, fittings & furniture; g. stock with chequered wrist; rod with brass sheathed worm end; gwo & vg cond. C.1850. N/L Catalogue A49 Item 337 $2000 – 2300
338 ENGLISH SCREW PLUG BREECH LOADING FLINTLOCK FULL STOCKED FOWLER by GANDON: Built on the Ferguson style system; 15 bore; 36″ round swamped barrel, LONDON to the breech & iron blade front sight; g. bore; perpendicular breech plug with a screw device for loading with one revolution of the trigger guard which served as the handle, LONDON proofs with Gandon’s private proofs to the breech; plain borderline engraved lock signed GANDON; fitted with a swan necked cock, unbridled frizzen & semi-detached pan; brass butt plate with scalloped borderline engraved tang incorporating a trap to the tang to house spare balls; brass side plate has scene of hound & hare; large ornate vacant wrist escutcheon; grey patina to barrel, cock, lock & t/guard; lightly cleaned finish to furniture; g. walnut stock with aged repair to forend; gwo & vg cond. C. 1730. Pre-dates the Ferguson by some 40 years. A rare item not often offered for sale. N/L Catalogue A49 Item 338 $11000 – 14000
339 ENGLISH D/B PERCUSSION SHOTGUN by SHARP: 13 bore; 30″ damascus barrels; under sides with LONDON proof stamps; gold poincion to breech, marked SHARP MAIDSTONE, one missing from rh barrel; scroll engraving & dragon’s head to barrel tang; foliate engraved flat lock plates with game birds to the heels, also sunburst & serpent; lh barrel has a nipple & drum conversion from flint; silver grey finish to all metal; butt tang engraved en-suite & with serpent; vg smooth stock with cheek piece; iron furniture includes pineapple finial t/guard engraved with foliage & hound at bay; single barrel key with oval escutcheons; complete with brass tipped rod; gwo & cond. C.1820. N/L Catalogue A49 Item 339 $1200 – 1600
339a FLINTLOCK HALF STOCKED FOWLER by B WILLIAMS: 13 bore; 37½” round to octagonal 2 stage barrel with London proofs; hook breech;  f. to p. bore; bead front & scalloped rear sights; underside rib with 3 rod pipes; engraved lock with sliding safety, swan neck cock, roller frizzen spring, double bridle pan, signed B WILLIAMS; lightly engraved iron furniture with pineapple finial t/guard, butt plate & breech tangs; dark grey/brown patina to barrel, lock & furniture; g. cond stock with chequered wrist & fore end, v. minor scratches & bruises, small old circular repair to lhs, horn nose cap; smoothed profiles throughout; original wooden rod with horn tip & worm end; o/a gwo & f cond. C.1780 A sleeper N/L Catalogue A49 Item 339a $1200 – 1500
340 U.S. COLT MODEL1861 SPECIAL RIFLE MUSKET: 58 Cal; 40″ barrel; exc bore, secured by 3 bands; standard front & rear sights; lock marked U.S. COLT’S PT F A MFG CO  HARTFORD CT, Eagle stamped to bolster, lock & breech dated 1864; view, proof & acceptance stamps to breech & stock; iron regulation furniture, exc profiles & markings; factory finish to lock, stock, barrel & furniture; exc stock with v. few minor bruises; complete with swivels, rod & US stamped bayonet, n/s; a near mint cond rifle. #1864 N/L Catalogue A49 Item 340 $3000 – 4000
341 BRITISH ENFIELD MARTINI HENRY ARTILLERY CARBINE: .450 Cal; 21.3″ barrel; std front & rear sights; vg bore; bayonet boss attached to front band; receiver marked ROYAL CYPHER ENFIELD 1881 over I.C.1.; vg profiles & clear markings; no markings to stock butt; blue finish to barrel, butt plate & receiver; partial finish to bands; complete with swivels, rod & scarce brass muzzle cover/sight protector; gwo & cond. N/L Catalogue A49 Item 341 $1100 – 1300
342 N.S.W. ISSUE ALEXANDER HENRY B/L RIFLE: .450 Cal; 34″ barrel with long knox form; f. bore needs a clean; std front & rear sights; bayonet lug fitted to front band; N.A.A. & CO LD 1877 to rhs of receiver; lhs HENRYS PATENT; back action lock unmarked, half cock a/f; g. profiles & clear markings; brown/grey finish to all metal; g. stock with moderate bruising, N.S.W. àSß & 53 to rhs of butt; complete with swivels; short model rod; o/a g cond. N/L Catalogue A49 Item 342 $1200 – 1600
343 I HOLLIS & SONS MARTINI-ACTION 1/2 STOCKED SPORTING RIFLE: .450 Cal; 28″ rnd barrel with machine
cut top rib marked I. HOLLIS & SONS, BIRMINGHAM, ENGLAND, bottom rib with rod pipes; g. bore; sliding front sight, 4 leafs & ladder rear sight to 1200 yds; receiver engraved both sides with swirls & geometric patterns; en-suite engraving to t/guard & lever; g. profiles; clear address & markings; dark blue/grey finish to all metal; g. chequered pistol grip stock & forend with horn cap; moderate to severe bruising to butt; complete with sling eyes & rod with brass sheathed worm end; gwo & cond. C.1895. N/L
Catalogue A49 Item 343 $1300 – 1500
344 WINCHESTER 1866 L/A CARBINE: 1877; 44 RF; full mag; 20″ barrel marked WINCHESTER REPEATING ARMS NEW HAVEN. C.T. KINGS- IMPROVEMENT – PATENTED MARCH 29, 1866, OCTOBER 16, 1860; g. bore; std front & rear sight; mottled plum patina to barrel & mag tube; mellow patina to brass receiver; 134701 s/n;  g. wood, v. little bruising; butt plate with trap complete with 3 part c/rod; gwo & cond. N/L Catalogue A49 Item 344 $4000 – 5000
345 WINCHESTER MOD.1873 3RD MODEL L/A MUSKET: 1895; 44 WCF; 17 round mag; 30″ round barrel with King’s Improvement 2 line address; g. bore unclean; block mounted front sight & musket rear sight; blue/plum patina to metal; lifter marked 44 CAL; f. wood to stock & forewood with minor to mod bruising; brass butt plate with trap; sling swivels fitted; good action, gwo & cond.  #496524B L/R Catalogue A49 Item 345 $2500 – 3000
346 WINCHESTER MOD.1873 1ST MODEL L/A FULL MAG RIFLE: 1878; 44 WCF; full mag; 24″ round barrel with King’s Improvement 2 line address; tang engraved MODEL 1873; f. bore, unclean; Rocky Mountain front & rear sight; silver brown patina to metal; walnut stock & forewood in g. cond, minor bruises; steel butt plate with trap; complete with sling swivels; vgwo & g. cond. #25808 L/R Catalogue A49 Item 346 $1600 – 1800
347 WINCHESTER MOD.1907 SELF LOADING S/A CARBINE: 1919; 351 WSL; 5 shot detachable box mag; 20″ round tapered barrel with 3 line address; worn & lightly marked bore; sporting front sight & low profile sporting rear sight; 70% blue metal finish; walnut stock & forend, semi pistol grip stock with chequered & monogrammed plastic butt plate; exc wo
& g. cond. #40292 Cat D L/R
Catalogue A49 Item 347 $650 – 800
348 JAMES ROSIER MELBOURNE SNIDER ROOK RIFLE: .450 Rook; 23″ round barrel marked JAMES W. ROSIER. MELBOURNE; f to g bore; lock foliate engraved & marked J.W.ROSIER; soft brown patina to barrel, breech & fittings; cleaned down & refinished stock with a well-made replacement forend; gwo, o/a looks good. N/L Catalogue A49 Item 348 $300 – 350
349 ENGLISH JOHN MANTON D/B PINFIRE SHOTGUN: 14G; 30.5” browned damascus barrels; f. bores; top rib engraved JOHN MANTON & SON DOVER STREET LONDON; fine acanthus foliate engraved locks, hammers & action; old re-brown to barrels; grey patina to locks, action & all metal; g. straight English Walnut stock, chequered at wrist, chequered forend with even wear; all complete; gwo & cond. This interesting Manton started out as a flintlock & progressed to a pinfire.  C.1820-1870. N/L Catalogue A49 Item 349 $700 – 900
350 HALF STOCKED SHOTGUN, EX- AUSTRALIAN COLONIAL ISSUE BRAENDLIN ALBINI: 22 bore; 36.4″ barrel; g. bore; lock marked 1867 & small CROWN over WT; breech marked BRAENDLIN ALBINI PATENT NO. 2621; H. HOLLAND 98 NEW BOND STREET to barrel; brass regulation furniture with butt tang marked S.A.1380; g. profiles sharp, markings clear; plum patina to barrel & fittings; light pitting to lock; f. stock with mod bruising; gwo & f cond. #2621 N/L Catalogue A49 Item 350 $500 – 600
351 B.S.A. 2ND PATTERN MARTINI CADET RIFLE: 310 Cal; 25.2” barrel; g. bore; std front sight, elaborate adjustable rear sight as fitted to this pattern; COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA marking to rhs of frame; BIRMINGHAM SMALL ARMS Co Ltd & Trade mark to lhs; g. profiles & clear markings; blue to barrel & action to barrel; f to g stock with stains at butt plate; all complete; gwo & cond. #12120 L/R Catalogue A49 Item 351 $300 – 400
577 Cal; 36.4″ barrel; exc bore; std front & rear sights; H. HOLLAND 56 NEW BOND STREET to rear of back sight; breech marked BRAENDLIN ALBINI patent 2571; lock plate dated 1867; soft untouched patina to brass regulation furniture of the period; butt plate marked CROWN SA 1116; sharp profiles & clear markings; soft bluish/grey patina to barrel, breech & receiver; vg orig stock with minor bruising; all complete with correct type rod; small of bruising on breech o/w gwo & vg cond.  A scarce item for the Colonial collector. N/L
Catalogue A49 Item 352 $3000 – 3500
352a DOUBLE BARREL BIG GAME PERCUSSION RIFLE by W.G. RAWBONE OF CAPE TOWN: smooth bore .69” Cal & 7 groove rifled .58” Cal, 32.25” barrels; poor bores; 1 broken nipple, raised top rib with 3 leaf sights to 300 yds & with gold disc inlet numbers 1 to 15 (3 missing), marked W.G. RAWBONE MAKER CAPE TOWN; hook breech & platinum plugs; locks in exc cond, profusely engraved with scrolls & marked W.G. RAWBONE; hammers missing small piece to face shield; aged brown patina to locks & barrel; f. to g stock, chequered wrist & fore stock, with sling eyes, worn profiles & some bruising, fitted with butt trap with engraved running boar & silver banner inlet to butt lhs; dark grey finish to butt trap; ramrod with worm screw; f to g cond o/a & gwo. C. 1850 N/L Catalogue A49 Item 352a $1500 – 1800
353 SCARCE COLT MODEL 1855 PERCUSSION REVOLVING ARTILLERY CARBINE & BAYONET: 56 Cal; 5 shot fluted cylinder; 22.3″ round barrel fitted with sword bayonet bar & COL. COLT HARTFORD CT USA to top strap; vg bore; std front sight & 3 correct part rear sight; COLTS PATENT 1857 to lhs of frame; London proofs to breech & cylinders; fitted with sling swivels; brass nose cap; one barrel band; iron t/guard & furniture; sharp profiles; blued finish to barrel, grey finish to action; stamped 3148 to t/guard, action & butt; butt tang stamped No 22; vg stock with v minor bruising; complete with bayonet stamped 314, n/s; gwo & cond. C.1860. A very scarce carbine in vg condition #3148 N/L Catalogue A49 Item 353 $12000 – 15000
354 AUSTRALIAN COLONIAL ISSUE PARKER FIELD & SONS PERCUSSION CONSTABULARY CARBINE & BAYONET: .650 Cal; 21½” barrel, 233 HOLBORN LONDON to breech; exc smooth bore; lock marked PARKER FIELD & SONS; mellow patina to brass regulation type furniture; sharp profiles, clear address & lock markings; grey/brown patina to barrel, lock & fittings; t/guard numbered 26; g. stock with minor bruising; complete with correct Constabulary type socket bayonet by S Hill, numbered 46; with correct brass mounted blk leather scabbard & frog; & rod; gwo & vg cond.  Reputedly used by the Bank of Victoria as gold escort carbines as quite a few of these carbines have been noted.  C.1850 N/L Catalogue A49 Item 354 $1500 – 1700
355 W. RICHARDS S/B 1/2 STOCKED PERCUSSION FOWLER: 6G; 34″ barrel; f. to p. bore; bead front sight with scalloped short rib to breech, underside stamped with proofs & 2690; foliate & Pheasant engraved hook breech marked W. RICHARDS 55 OLD HALL ST LIVERPOOL, with 3 inlaid gold bands & platinum safety plug; acanthus foliate engraved lock marked W.RICHARDS, includes hounds chasing game birds, hammer engraved en-suite; foliate engraved iron pineapple finial; spur t/guard; engraved butt tang; vacant silver wrist escutcheon; slight wear to profiles, some bruising to breech; clear markings; mottled brown finish to barrel, dark grey to lock; g. stock with vg chequered wrist & forend, minor bruising; no rod provision; gwo cond.; C.1850. N/L Catalogue A49 Item 355 $800 – 1000
356 WINCHESTER MOD.1892 FULL MAG L/A TRAPPER S/R CARBINE: 44 WCF; 6 shot tube mag; 15″ barrel; p. bore; std sights & WINCHESTER NEW HAVEN address; CAL markings to breech; WINCHESTER 1892 & Patent dates to tang, over struck; vg profiles & barrel address; blue/plum finish to barrel, tube, action & fittings; g. butt stock & forend with minor bruising; complete with saddle ring; gwo & cond.  C.1897 #154523 L/R Catalogue A49 Item 356 $1800 – 2500
357 WINCHESTER MODEL 1873 FULL MAG L/A TRAPPER S/R CARBNE: 44 WCF; 8 shot tube mag; 16″ barrel; p. bore; std sights & WINCHESTER NEW HAVEN address & CAL markings to the breech; MODEL 1873 to tang; slight wear to profiles, clear address & tang markings, wear to Cal markings; grey finish to all metal with moderate pitting to rhs of action; g. stock & forend with mod bruising; complete with 2 piece rod in butt; gwo & f to g cond.  C.1892 #427559B L/R Catalogue A49 Item 357 $2000 – 2500
358 WINCHESTER MODEL 1885 HIGH WALL S/SHOT FALLING BLOCK C/F RIFLE:44 Cal; 26″ round barrel; f. bore; dovetail blade front sight & ladder carbine rear sight; WINCHESTER NEW HAVEN address & 44 CAL to barrel; wear to profiles & markings; polished finish & staining to barrel action & fittings; g. butt stock & forend with K.W. scratched to rhs of butt; gwo & f to g cond. C.1886 #2147 L/R Catalogue A49 Item 358 $600 – 700
359 FACTORY ENGRAVED WINCHESTER MOD.1873 FULL MAG L/A RIFLE: 44 Cal; 15 shot mag; 24″ oct barrel; f. bore; std sights & 2 line WINCHESTER NEW HAVEN address & PATENT DATES; MODEL 1873 to tang; scroll engraved & stag to lhs of action; scroll engraved to rhs with traces of silver plate finish; g. profiles, clear engraving & markings; grey finish to barrel & mag tube, silver grey to action, lever, dust cover & butt plate; g. butt stock & forend with moderate bruising; all complete; gwo & cond. C.1881. Cody Museum has confirmed Factory engraved. #72869 L/R Catalogue A49 Item 359
Catalogue A49 Item 359
$12000 – 15000
360 WINCHESTER MODEL 1866 L/A MUSKET: 44 RF; 17 shot tube mag; 27″ round barrel; g. bore; std sights & 2 line WINCHESTER NEW HAVEN address & patent dates; brass action with a mellow finish & R.I. stamped to lhs; brass butt plate with 4 piece rod inside trap; g. profiles with wear to address; thinning blue finish to barrel & mag tube, silver grey to lever; heavy bruising to stock & forend; all complete; gwo & f to g cond. C.1871 #58957 N/L Catalogue A49 Item 360 $2800 – 3200
361 WINCHESTER MOD.53 L/A HALF MAG RIFLE: 25-20 Cal; 6 shot tube mag; 22″ round barrel; g. bore; std front sight & marbles rear sight; MODEL 53 WINCHESTER TRADE MARK & NICKEL STEEL 25-20 WCF to lhs of barrel; WINCHESTER TRADE MARK MADE IN U.S.A. to tang; slight wear to profiles; patchy silver grey to barrel, grey to action, lever & steel butt plate; f to g stock with moderate bruising; gwo & f to g cond. C.1927 #8816 L/R Catalogue A49 Item 361 $450 – 600
362 WINCHESTER MOD.12 P/A TAKEDOWN SHOTGUN: 12G; 6 shot mag; 30″ barrel; exc bore; std sights, barrel address & Cal markings; 98% original blue finish with minor rub marks to mag tube; sharp profiles, clear address & markings; vg+ stock & forend with v. minor marks; gwo & exc cond. C.1948 #1125837 Cat C L/R Catalogue A49 Item 362 $1900 – 2200
363 U.S. I.B.M. CORP M.I CARBINE S/A SERVICE RIFLE: 30 Cal; 15 shot box mag; 18″ barrel; exc bore; std sights & bayonet attachment; U.S. CARBINE CAL 30 MI to breech; sharp profiles & markings; 90% original blacked military finish remains with minor scratches to bayonet fitting & lhs of side rail; exc stock marked S-HB; all complete; gwo & exc cond.  #3733859 Cat D L/R Catalogue A49 Item 363 $2000 – 2500
364 WINCHESTER, AUSTRALIAN ISSUE P.14 NO.3 MKI B/A SNIPER RIFLE: 303 Cal; 5 shot mag; 26″ barrel; g. bore; std sights with front & rear lobbing sights intact; fitted with  low mount scope marked SIGHT TELESCOPE PATT 1918 (AUST) B.A.A. 3650 G.A. AOV over V DD & 1945 date; g. optics; g. profiles & markings; blue/grey military finish to all metal, thinning in some areas; g. stock with minor bruising; later period brass issue plate indicating issue to Dutch Colonial troops; complete with web sling; gwo & cond. A vg, early P14 Sniper rifle.  #W147405 L/R Catalogue A49 Item 364 $5000 – 7000
365 YUGOSLAVIAN MODEL 48A MAUSER B/A SERVICE RIFLE: 7.92x57; 5 shot mag; 22.5″ barrel; fine bore; std sights; Yugoslav crest & M48A to breech; rifle is almost as new with a blacked finish to all metal; turned down bolt in the white; exc stock; complete with leather sling, bayonet & kit; gwo & unissued cond. #F53725 all matching L/R Catalogue A49 Item 365 $800 – 1000
366 LITHGOW EXPERIMENTAL NO.6 MKI B/A RIFLE: 303 Cal; 10 shot mag; 20.5″ barrel with flash eliminator, std front sight & bed back sight; f to g bore that would grade up; blacked military finish to barrel, receiver, magazine & fittings; receiver has been tapped for scope; g. refinished stock with rubber butt pad & Australian half penny inlet to rhs, also M.4/45, the date it went into store; gwo & cond. #XP177 L/R Catalogue A49 Item 366 $5000 – 6000
367 AUSTRALIAN ISSUE U.S. MODEL 1928 AI THOMPSON SUBMACHINE GUN: 45 ACP; 20 shot stick mag; 10″ finned barrel plus compensator; exc bore; std sights; rhs receiver marked AUTO-ORDNANCE CORPORATION BRIDGEPORT CONNECTICUT USA; lhs US MODEL 1928 A1 THOMPSON SUBMACHINE GUN CALIBRE 45 AUTOMATIC CARTRIDGE & DD stamping; g. profiles & clear markings; blue/grey finish to barrel, receiver & fittings; g. pistol grip & butt stock with sling swivel base filled & forend swivel missing; gwo & cond. #AO17365 Cat E L/R Catalogue A49 Item 367 $9000 – 12000
368 EXTREMELY RARE & IMPORTANT NORDENFELT MK.I NAVAL VOLLEY GUN: 450x577 Cal; 5 horizontal & individual, 26” barrels with rhs activating lever to fire all five barrels in one action; receiver of brass construction marked NORDENFELDT, dated 1887 & serial number 6009 as are all major parts; mounted on its original cast brass static deck mount with a blue painted finish; all complete with hand traversing & elevation wheels & multi load cartridge hopper; gwo & exc cond. Dated 1887. Comes with one only original wooden box # 6099 N/L A very rare offering & important item in the early development of the machine gun. Rifle calibre machine guns were needed to repel boarders in an era when close quarter encounters, ramming& boarding were still major tactics. The advantage of a gun which could pour hundreds of rounds a minute, using only a crew of 2 or 3 was of immense value. The first such gun into Royal Navy service was the Gatling, but this proved heavy & unreliable using the ammunition that was supplied. The Nordenfelt 5- & 10-barrel volley machine guns were considerably lighter & could therefore be mounted in the fighting tops & on small boats for landing parties. Yours truly & Rees Young have actually fired this particular piece & vow & declare it to be “an awesome experience”. Rees single handedly pieced the total of 80 individual parts together from its storage crates. Well done Rees. This Nordenfeldt was rescued from the scrap yard by a true & avid collector many years ago. Proving, that we as collectors all do our parts in ensuring the future of every historic item. Possibly the only 5 barrel Nordenfelt in Australia in private hands. $60000 – 80000
369 B.S.A. NO1 MKI B/A SERVICE RIFLE: 303 Cal; 10 shot mag; 25.2″ barrel; g. bore; std sight & fittings; receiver ring marked E.R. ROYAL CYPHER B.S.A. Co LD 1904 SHT LE 1; g. profiles, wear to receiver ring markings; blue/grey finish to all metal; g. stock with lighter coloured butt stock & marked A.L.H. QG 1904 CMF; complete with web sling;
gwo & cond. no visible numbers to bolt or nose cap #3583 L/R
Catalogue A49 Item 369 $800 – 1200
370 B.S.A. L.E MKI* RANGE RIFLE: 303 Cal; 10 shot mag; 25.2″ barrel; g. bore; std front sights, rear sight ladder removed & fitted with a Motty Range pattern side mount variable peep sight; receiver  marked 1901 & V.R.; with dust cover & mag cut off; silver paint finish to barrel, blue/black to receiver & fittings; g. stock; gwo & f to g cond.  Comes with poor cond vintage leather shooting box with a few tools, fork rest & spare sights. #A62988 L/R Catalogue A49 Item 370 $500 – 600
371 YUGOSLAVIAN 48A MAUSER B/A SERVICE RIFLE: 7.92x57; 5 shot mag; 22.5″ barrel; exc bore; std sights & bayonet fitting; Yugoslav crest to the breech & M48A; 98% original blacked finish remains, turned down bolt in the white; exc stock; all complete; gwo & cond. #N22519 all matching L/R Catalogue A49 Item 371 $850 – 1000
372 U.S. SPRINGFIELD MODEL 1878 TRAP DOOR RIFLE: 45-70; 32.5″ barrel; vg bore; std sights & fittings; breech marked U.S. MODEL 1878; lock marked with U.S Eagle & U.S. SPRINGFIELD; iron regulation furniture; g. profiles & markings; 95% original blue finish to barrel, furniture, action & fittings; butt plate with a few scratches & marked U.S.; vg stock with minor bruising; faint cartouche to lhs of stock & 1885 issue date; complete with swivels, rod, leather sling & Dixie Gun Trapdoor Collection Book featuring this rifle; gwo & cond. #428490 L/R Catalogue A49 Item 372 $1600 – 1800
373 WINCHESTER MODEL.61 PUMP ACTION SPORTING RIFLE: 22 Cal; 10 shot mag; 24″ barrel; exc bore; std sights, Winchester trade mark & Cal markings; 90% original blue finish remains with staining to rhs at the muzzle; vg stock with v. minor marks & fitted with a chequered steel butt plate; gwo & vg+ cond. C.1942 #59917 L/R Catalogue A49 Item 373 $700 – 900
374 STEVENS MODEL 44 1/2 FALLING BLOCK, JEFF BROWN ENGRAVED CUSTOM RIFLE: 22 Hornet; 23½” round barrel; exc bore; front dovetail sight removed & scope mounts fitted to rear of barrel; double set triggers fitted; plated action engraved with scrolls with oval centre panel an image of a fox, obverse side the same engraving with a foxes head; sharp profiles & engraving; 97% blue finish to barrel, all plated finish remains to action & lever; exc figured walnut stock with capped chequered pistol grip, cheek piece & forend; gwo & exc cond. #4020 L/R Catalogue A49 Item 374 $1200 – 1500
375 MATTHEY PERCUSSION SCHUETZEN FULL STOCKED TARGET RIFLE: 451 Cal; 31″ heavy damascus oct barrel; exc bore; pin head windage front sight, aperture rear sight & original false muzzle; lock, part foliate engraved with MATTHEY A NVON within a banner; steel recurving t/guard; fitted with double set triggers; sharp profiles & engraving; blue/grey finish to lock, hammer, t/guard & traditional shaped butt plate; vg stock with chequered wrist; a later period palm rest fitted; all complete with swivels & rod; gwo & vg cond. A classic target rifle of the period. C.1860 #10 N/L Catalogue A49 Item 375 $1500 – 1800
375a JOHN RIGBY & CO JONES UNDERLEVER HAMMER DOUBLE RIFLE: 500/450 Nitro Express; 26″ blackened steel barrels with machine cut rib inscribed JOHN RIGBY & CO DUBLIN & LONDON; g. bores with slight wear; small blade front sight, one fixed & one folding to 250 yards; trade mark & London proofs to barrels & action; foliate engraved action, lever, tang & hammers; back action locks signed JNr RIGBY & CO; bolted safeties removed; Rigby patented forend release; g. profiles, clear engraving & address; 80% black finish to barrels with muzzle wear; silver grey to action, lever & hammers; g. walnut chequered pistol grip stock with horn cap & chequered steel butt plate; gwo & vg cond. Presented in a modern brown leather case, lined in green velvet. #14649 N/L Catalogue A49 Item 375a $9000 – 12000
376 SCARCE ORIGINAL WINCHESTER U.S. MIAI PARATROOPER MODEL S/A SERVICE CARBINE with folding stock: 30ML; 10 shot mag; 18″ barrel with bayonet fitting; exc bore; std front sight & flip up rear sight; US CARBINE CAL 30M1 to the breech; WINCHESTER & Trade mark 1001482 to rear of receiver; vg profiles, clear markings; 90% original military finish remains; vg stock with minor bruising & original military finish; vg stock with minor bruising; all complete with original metal skeleton folding stock, correct vg bayonet & scabbard; gwo & vg cond. #1001482 Cat D L/R Catalogue A49 Item 376 $3500 – 4500
377 FRENCH MAS MODEL 1917 S/A SERVICE RIFLE: 8x50 Lebel; 5 shot half oval charger loaded magazine; 31.4″ barrel; f to g bore; std sights & fittings; MA T1917 to rhs of breech; LP & J within a circle to lhs; g. profiles & markings; blue/grey to barrel & fittings, thinning to receiver & magazine; f to g original matching stock & forend with heavy bruising; all complete with bayonet w/s; gwo & cond. #15671 L/R Catalogue A49 Item 377 $1200 – 1600
378 B.S.A. LEE SPEED B/A BIG GAME RIFLE: 303 Cal; 10 shot box mag with engraved borders; 25″ barrel; ramp front sight with rh sight ear protector broken; express rear sights, one standing, 2 folding, one graduated leaf; breech marked FOR CORDITE ONLY; LEE-SPEED PATENTS B.S.A. M & CO; ARMY & NAVY CO-OPERATIVE SOCIETY LIMd; vg profiles & clear engraving; grey/plum finish to barrel, thinning blue to receiver, dust cover & magazine; g. stock with minor bruising, chequered capped pistol grip stock & forend with horn forend cap; all complete; gwo & cond. #428 L/R Catalogue A49 Item 378 $2000 – 2500
379 GERMAN ERFURT WW1 KAR98A SERVICE RIFLE: 8x57mm; 5 shot mag; 23.75″ barrel; vg bore; std sights & fittings; breech marked with Imperial CYPHER, ERFURT 1917; KAR98 to side rail; turned down bolt; vg profiles & clear markings; blue/grey finish to barrel, receiver & fittings, bolt in the white; g. stock with minor bruising; gwo & vg cond. #5349U all matching L/R Catalogue A49 Item 379 $800 – 900
380 SCARCE ESSER-BARRATT EXPERIMENTAL SLIDE ACTION RIFLE: 303 Cal; 5 shot mag; 29.5″ barrel; vg bore; Long Lee Enfield type front & rear sights; receiver side rail marked THE ESSER-BARRATT REPEATING ARMS CO LTD BIRMINGHAM PATENT NOV 1905; vg profiles & clear markings; original blue finish to barrel, bands, receiver, magazine & fittings; g. original pistol grip stock with moderate bruising; all complete; gwo & vg cond.  The Esser-Barrat rifle was an experimental slide-action firearm in the U.K. at the start of the 20th C. It was essentially a development on the Austrian Steyr-Mannlicher M1895 straight-pull B/A rifle, but with the bolt connected to a pump on the for-end of the stock.  The firearm was tested in Bisley Ranges, Bisley, Surrey in 1906, but never adopted for military use. #113 L/R Catalogue A49 Item 380 $1500 – 2000
381 LITHGOW SMLE III 1935 B/A SERVICE RIFLE: .303 Cal; 10 shot box mag; 25.2″ barrel; fine bore; std sights, bayonet stud & fittings; receiver ring marked M.A. LITHGOW SMLE III 1935; sharp profiles & markings; 97% original military finish of the period remains; exc stock & forewood with minor bruising; rhs of butt marked M.A. LITHGOW SMLE HV III; complete with magazine cut off, swivels, pull through & oil bottle; gwo & exc cond. Hard to find an early Lithgow in this great condition.  No serial number, only assembly  # 987. #987 L/R Catalogue A49 Item 381 $1400 – 1800
382 U.S SPRINGFIELD MODEL 1903 B/A SERVICE RIFLE: 30-06 Cal; 5 shot mag; 24″ barrel; vg bore; std sights, bayonet stud & fittings; breech marked U.S. SPRINGFIELD ARMORY MODEL 1903 708456; barrel muzzle marked S.A. flaming bomb motif 5-42; sharp profiles & markings; 98% full blue military finish of the period remains; vg original pistol grip stock with minor bruising, chequered butt plate & serrated trigger; complete with oil bottle, pull through & swivels; gwo & vg cond. #708456 L/R Catalogue A49 Item 382 $1200 – 1500
383 BRITISH SMLE MKI* B/A SERVICE RIFLE: 303 Cal; 10 shot mag; 25.2″ barrel; g. bore; std sights, bayonet stud & fittings;  receiver ring marked GR ROYAL CYPHER B 1941 SHT L.E. III*; g. profiles & clear markings; thinning military blue finish to all metal; vg stock & forend rebuilt with Australian wood with marking to butt  & SLAZ to forend; gwo & vg cond. #66790 matching L/R Catalogue A49 Item 383 $500 – 700
384 SWEDISH MODEL 1896 B/A SERVICE RIFLE: 6.5x55; 5 shot mag; 28.5″ barrel; g. bore; std sights, bayonet stud & fittings including scarce muzzle cover; breech marked with Swedish crown & CARL GUSTAFS STADS GEVARSFAKTORI 1902; straight handle bolt in the white; sharp profiles & markings; 95% original blue finish remains; vg stock with brass disc marked U I 16 N75; complete with rod & swivels; gwo & vg cond. #111567 matching L/R Catalogue A49 Item 384 $700 – 900
385 N.Z. ISSUE LONG BRANCH NO.4 MKI* B/A SERVICE RIFLE: 303 Cal; 25.2″ barrel; f to g bore; std sights, bayonet stud & fittings; lhs receiver ring marked NZ 15L6189; receiver side rail NO4 MKI* LONGBRANCH 1942; g. profiles & markings; thinning blacked finish to all metal; g. stock with minor bruising; gwo &cond. #15L6189 L/R Catalogue A49 Item 385 $500 – 700
386 SWISS SCHMIDT RUBIN HAMMERLI MATCH STRAIGHT PULL RIFLE: 7.5x55; 6 shot mag; 26″ barrel; vg bore; front sight missing cross hairs; variable match rear sights; HAMMERILI LENZBURG-SCHWEIZ to breech; FK005 to side rail; g. profiles & markings; blue/plum finish to barrel, receiver, magazine & fittings, bolt in the white; g. pistol grip stock with moderate bruising; gwo & cond. Made in limited numbers. #FK005 L/R Catalogue A49 Item 386 $1600 – 2000
387 BRITISH M.L. METFORD MK II* B/A SERVICE RIFLE: 303 Cal; 10 shot box mag; 30.2″ barrel; g. bore; std sights, bayonet fitting & front & rear sight covers; receiver ring marked V.R. ROYAL CYPHER SPARKBROOK 1896 II*; front
& rear lobbing sights; magazine cut off still intact; vg profiles & markings; 85% original blue military finish of the period remains; vg stock with minor bruising; compete with rod & swivels; gwo & cond. #51457 non matching bolt L/R
Catalogue A49 Item 387 $1200 – 1400
388 ENFIELD SMLE B/A RANGE RIFLE: 303 Cal; 10 shot mag; 25.2″ barrel; g. bore; std front sights, rear sight removed for target shooting & replaced with side mount peep not included; g stock; gwo & cond. #4687 with matching bolt L/R Catalogue A49 Item 388 $350 – 400
389 MAUSER MODEL NM 14B B/A R/F SPORTING RIFLE: 22RF; 5 shot mag; 26″ barrel; vg bore; std sporting sights; Mauser banner to breech & address to receiver side rail; sharp profiles & markings; 95+% original blue finish remains; vg chequered pistol grip stock with Mauser trade mark to rhs of butt with minor bruising; gwo & vg cond. #118166 L/R Catalogue A49 Item 389 $900 – 1200
390 LOT X 2 FRAMED & GLAZED SECTIONALISED MILITARY WEAPONS TRAINING POSTERS: hand drawings for instruction purposes; black frames.  Full wood SMLE rifle; 31¾” x 41¾”, (870mm x 1063mm).  Bren machine gun; 303 Cal, Mark 3, in colour; 31½” x 40½” (800mm x 1030 mm).  Look great. Catalogue A49 Item 390
Catalogue A49 Item 390
$300 – 400
390a LOT X 2 FRAMED & GLAZED SECTIONALISED MILITARY WEAPONS TRAINING POSTERS: hand drawings for instruction purposes; black frames.  Bren machine gun, 303 Mark 3; full o/a section in full colour; 31¼” x 45½” (765mm x 1155mm). Owen MKI Sub-Machine gun; showing all internal parts; in full colour; 27” x 40” (80cm x 120cm). Catalogue A49 Item 390a
Catalogue A49 Item 390a
$300 – 400
390b POSTHUMOUS OIL ON CANVAS PAINTING OF SURGEON MAJOR ROBERT WISEMAN CUNNINGHAM: (born Carnbee Scotland). – Served Umbayla Campaign NWF India 1863 – Promoted Surgeon Major in July 1873.  Wearing the medal group:  – Indian General Service Medal with Clasp “Umbayla” – Afghan War Medal with two Clasps “Ahmed Khel” & “Kandahar” – Bronze Star (Kabul to Kandahar Star). He died in 1881, in Edinburgh; 45¾” x 55¾” ebonised frame with gilt line borders; some damage to painting. His son was also Robert Wiseman Cunningham& died in Tasmania in 1917. Painted by John Lamb who was an Artist, grapher & Portrait Painter based in Edinburgh from 1878.  He offered the service of enlarging old photographs in every size up to that of life size. Purchased at auction in Melbourne, in approx 2012. Calalogue A49 $1500 – 2200
391 LARGE BUFFALO HORN POWDER FLASK: fitted with a brass graduated patent top with damage to collar; large brass base with sling eyes & brass chain; 14″ o/a with an aged pleasing patina. Looks great. Catalogue A49 Item 391 $250 – 350
392 BRONZE STATUE OF A WESTERN COWBOY: with rifle, lariate, hat, chaps & dog at foot; vg & clear detail; fitted to a black marble base; 21½” high. Looks great, ideal for the “Den”. Catalogue A49 $600 – 700
393 INDIAN DAHL: ornate gold & silver floral decoration with 4 brass bosses; 14½” diameter; silver plate backing with original leather padding & arm straps. C.Mid-19th Century Catalogue A49 Item 393 $450 – 600
394 SCOTTISH HIGHLAND SHIELD TARGE: 21½” diameter of flat form; wood covered with leather tooled  with interlaced strap work, designs, large central boss with 4 pointed star & 4 subsidiary bosses; having a brass studded border & 3 other circles of studs; rawhide leather backing with straw padding & leather hand & arm guards. Circa early 19th Century. $1500 – 1800
395 SCOTTISH MILITARY FEATHER BONNET: black ostrich feathers with 4 tails; original silk lining with draw cord & leather chin strap; remnants of military label to leather head band; complete with red, white & black chequered band; vg cond. C.1960 $400 – 500
396 BRITISH YOEMANRY BEARSKIN BUSBY: with red plume; brass graduated link chin strap; by Hobson & Sons maker London; fur in exc cond. C.1950 $400 – 600
397 BRITISH VICTORIAN PERIOD 12TH LANCERS TROOPER’S LANCER CAP: patent leather body & peak with large triangular helmet plate with Coat of Arms plume & coronet of The Prince of Wales & Battle Honours of the 12th Lancers; scarlet horse hair plume & graduated chain link chin strap with leather backing.  An excellent example with 1908 issue stamp; hard to find in this condition. $800 – 1400
398 PRUSSIAN WWI MODEL 1860 INFANTRY OFFICER’S HELMET: with gilded trim, mostly worn off; cross angular visor & arched chin chains; vg leather body & visor; complete with helmet plate, cockades & orig lining. An exc example. $1200 – 1500
399 AUSTRALIAN CONVICT PERIOD ALARM BELL: brass construction with large cast into the main body; original turned wooden handle & clapper. Used by prison warders as an alarmA scarce item for the convict period collector. $500 – 700