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CATALOGUE A49, OCT 2017: ITEMS NO 400-500

The following items Lots 400 to 548 offered to auction are from the estate of the late Ian Thomas Cummins collection.
Ian was born in Griffith N.S.W. in 1938. From an early age he was an avid collector. He would go on to collect classic cars, model cars, coins, medals, gold field relics, convict & Australian related artefacts, antique firearms, swords, Bowie knives, powder flasks, wine making equipment; you name it, he has probably collected it! Through his interest in cars & antique weapons he travelled the world & made many friends. In 1967 he moved to Sydney with his young family & his collecting of Antique weapons intensified due to meeting kindred spirits in the Australian Antique Arms Collectors Society of Australia. He found a great mentor & friend in John ‘Jumbo’ Goddard, amongst many others. His trip to the U.K. in 1968 with Jumbo was an eye opener & he came back with a more international view on collecting. Over the years he would gradually upgrade the quality & quantity of his arms collection. He was always fascinated with Colts & English pistols & more so if they had Australian connection. During the 1970s & 1980s he would do the rounds of gun shows displaying some new discovery or purchase, as well as wheeling & dealing. He loved tracking down a special item or collection; one of his most memorable ‘finds’ was the remnants of the Port Arthur Armoury. Ian was a Life Member of the Historical Arms Collectors Guild of Victoria, & Life Member of the Australian Antique Arms Collectors Society of Australia. He was also an active member of the Arms Collectors Guild of NSW.
Ian was a true collector in every sense with a great eye for quality.

400 MANCHESTER ORDNANCE PERCUSSION MATCH TARGET RIFLE: 451 Cal; 36″ barrel; std Whitworth front sight missing, blade & WHITWORTH marked leaf rear sight & Whitworth long range Vernier match sight fitted to barrel tang; barrel marked WHITWORTH PATENT; MANCHESTER ORDNANCE & RIFLE CO on lock & rhs; sharp profiles & markings; 80% blue finish to barrel, thinning in some areas, faint case colours to lock & hammer & t/guard; vg+ stock with capped chequered pistol grip & forend with horn cap; gwo & exc cond. A truly beautiful match rifle. #D492 N/L Catalogue A49 $7000 – 9000
401 SPENCER L/A REPEATING CARBINE: .52Cal; 18½” barrel stamped M1865 to top; g. bore; folding rear sight; Stabler Cutoff; sharp profiles & markings; barrel retains 90% original blue finish, soft brown patina to action; faint case colours to lever, hammer, lock, butt plate & fittings; vg stock & forend with minor bruising; 2 cartouches to lhs of stock DAP & CHM; gwo & cond. #8587 N/L Catalogue A49 $2000 – 2400
402 COLONIAL ISSUE ENFIELD MARTINI: .303 Cal; 30.2” barrel; f. bore; lhs action marked VR, ROYAL CYPHER ENFIELD 1896 M.E. 303 I & ; rhs action marked ROYAL CYPHER VR ENFIELD 1879 M.E. III 1 & VIC GOV within a circle; lever marked , WD & inspector’s E 30; rhs butt stamped , WD, VIC GOV & 9748; rhs butt has H.H. CUMMINS S.M.R.C. 19.11.00 toplaque; with leather sling; gwo & cond. #4892 L/R Catalogue A49 $800 – 1000
403 BROWNING TROMBONE P/A RIFLE: .22Cal; 22” barrel with Belgium address; g. bore; with rear target rifle sight & scope; thin black finish to all metal; g. stock, & forend with minor bruising; gwo & cond. #50011 L/R Catalogue A49 $200 – 250
404 MOSSBERG B/A RIFLE: .22Cal; 10 shot tube mag; 26” barrel with New Haven address; with scope; thin blacked finish to all metal; with sling; stock; gwo & cond. #10073 L/R Catalogue A49 $200 – 250
405 TRANTER 3RD MODEL, DOUBLE TRIGGER, PERCUSSION REVOLVING RIFLE: 32 bore; 5 shot non fluted cylinder struck with LONDONproofs; 22″ oct barrel with top flat inscribed B. COGSWELL 224 STRAND LONDON; p. bore; standard sights; plain borderline engraved frame, double trigger extended t/guard & hammer cover; g. profiles & clear markings; blue/plum finish to barrel; a mixture of brown/grey finish to cylinder, frame & fittings; g. stock with straight chequered wrist & fitted with sling eyes; gwo & cond. C.1860. #2227 N/L Catalogue A49 $5800 _
406 WINCHESTER MOD.1866 L/A FULL MAG SPORTING RIFLE: 1882; 44 RF; 17 rnds; 24″ oct barrel; dark pitted bore; carbine sights; plum patina to barrel & tube; aged mellow patina to receiver with areas of blotching to rhs as well as some bruising to leading edges & loading gate; vg wood, J. HARTNEY 147carved to rhs of hand; crescent butt plate; gwo & cond. #158689 N/L Catalogue A49 $6500 – 8000
407 WINCHESTER MOD.1866 L/A FULL MAG S/R CARBINE: 1898; 44 RF; 13 rounds; 20″ rnd barrel; f to g bore; carbine sights; Winchester & King Improvement patents; plum patina; aged mellow patina to brass receiver; vg wood, steel butt plate with trap & 3 piece cleaning rod; vgwo & g. cond. A good honest rifle. #169656 N/L Catalogue A49 $6500 – 8000
408 WINCHESTER MOD.1873 3RD MODEL TRAPPER: 44 WCF; 8 rounds; 15″ barrel; f. bore; thin blue, turning plum patina to metal; carbine rear sight missing small screw; receiver stamped B37 on both sides; g. stock & forend with moderate bruising, with steel butt plate with trap & 3 piece cleaning rod; vgwo & cond. With Factory letter. #551914B L/R Catalogue A49 $7000 – 8000
409 SCARCE WINCHESTER MOD.1873 3RD MODEL L/A FULL MAG SPORTING RIFLE: 1887; 32 WCF; 12 round mag; 24″ oct barrel; g. clean bore with well-defined rifling; gold plated Beaches folding post & globe front sight & Rocky Mountain rear sight, folding tang peep sight; PAT JAN 29/79; WINCHESTER REPEATING ARMS NEW HAVEN CONN U.S.A. KINGS IMPROVEMENT PATENT MARCH 29 1866 OCT 16 1860 in 2 lines to top of barrel; lifter marked 32 CAL; 95% blue finish to barrel, mag tube & receiver with light thinning on leading edges & sml thin area between receiver & rear sight on lhs of barrel; case colours to hammer, lever & crescent butt plate; exc wood with 95% varnish finish & just a very few storage marks. This rifle is in exceptionally fine, untouched cond with sharp profiles & crisp action. With Factory letter #249947B L/R Catalogue A49 $9500 – 11000
410 FINE WINCHESTER MOD.1886 1/2 MAG SPORTING RIFLE J. ROSIER RETAILED: 1887; 45-90 WCF; 4 rounds; 26″, ½ oct, ½ rnd barrel; vg clean bore with some light stains; sporting front sight & Rocky Mountain rear sight; 2 line address & marked 45-90 WCF; 95% blue finish; receiver, lever, hammer & forend cap with 90% case hardening colour; exc walnut with 95% varnish finish & light storage marks; case colours to shotgun butt plate; upper tang marked MODEL 1886. James Rosier number 14981; exc wo & cond. With Factory letter.#9629 N/L Catalogue A49 $12000 – 14000
411 FINE WINCHESTER MOD.1886 L/A TAKE DOWN SHORT BARREL RIFLE: 1907; 45-70; 4 rounds; 22″ round tapered barrel; mint bore; Lyman hunting front sight & sporting rear sight; 2 line address, NICKEL STEEL & 45-70 to barrel; MODEL 1886-WINCHESTER-TRADE MARK to top tang; practically 100% blue finish to metal with case hardened colour to lever & hammer; exc walnut forewood & butt stock with full varnish finish; shotgun butt with chequered WRA Co hard rubber butt plate; slightest drag mark to lhs of hammer, a couple of minor storage marks to wood. Hard to imagine another in better condition. #144885 L/R Catalogue A49 $10000 – 12000
412 FINE WINCHESTER MODEL 1895 L/A S/R CARBINE: 1921; 30 Army; 4 rnds; 22″ rnd tapered barrel; exc bore; ramp mounted blade front sight & folding tangent rear sight graduated 1000 to 1800 yards; 2 line address to lhs of receiver & marked 30 ARMY;98% blue finish; exc walnut with finger grooved forend to top wood; straight stock with carbine butt with the most minor of storage marks; exc wo & cond. With Factory letter & copy of Swing tag. #402558 L/R Catalogue A49 $5500 – 6500
413 FINE WINCHESTER MOD.1894 L/A TAKEDOWN 1/2 MAG DELUX SPORTING RIFLE: 1908; 32 Win Spec; 6 rounds; 26″, 1/2 octagonal barrel; exc bore; Lyman sporting front sight; Lyman 2 folding leaf rear sight, one a V the other a flat top white triangle, Lyman folding tang peep sight; 95% blue to receiver with vivid case hardening colour to lever, hammer & crescent butt plate; exc walnut chequered forend & chequered stock with capped pistol grip with some very light marks; exc wo & cond. #435310 L/R Catalogue A49 $10500 – 13000
414 FINE WINCHESTER MOD.1894 L/A TAKE DOWN FULL MAG SPORTING RIFLE: 1907; 30 WCF; 12 rounds; 26″ octagonal barrel; mint bore; sporting front sight, Rocky Mountain rear sight; 2 line address; nickel steel barrel marked 30 WCF; 95% blue finish to receiver which has some sml surface blotches; case hardening colour to lever, hammer & crescent butt plate; exc walnut stock with varnish finish; exc wo & cond. With Factory letter. #396837 L/R Catalogue A49 $5500 – 7000
415 WINCHESTER MOD.1892 L/A FULL MAG TRAPPER CARBINE: 1915; 32 WCF; 6 rounds; 15″ tapered round barrel; g. clean bore; carbine sights; thin blue finish; silver grey patina to receiver; vg wood showing light wear; steel butt plate; vgwo & cond. #786495 L/R Catalogue A49 $2500 – 3000
416 MARLIN MOD.1881 L/A RIFLE: 40-60; approx 8 shot full mag; 28″ octagonal barrel; strong rifling but some pitting to bore; nickel silver blade front sight & buckhorn rear sight; 1865, 73, 75, 78, 79 & 1880 patent dated; 60% blue finish to barrel & mag tube, thinning blue finish turning plum to receiver; vg wood, steel butt plate; no firing pin visible o/w vgwo & cond. With Factory letter. #9915 N/L Catalogue A49 $1700 – 1900
417 ENGRAVED MARLIN MOD.1881 L/A RIFLE: 45-70; 8 shot full mag; 28″ octagonal barrel; moderately pitted bore; replaced German silver blade front sight & buckhorn rear sight; borderline & acanthus scroll engraving with vignettes of running stag & bear to each side; silver grey patina to metal; g. wood but hairline cracks & triangular repair to forewood; lhs of butt has the brand CO; steel butt plate; no firing pin visible o/w vgwo & cond. #25722 Cat B L/R Catalogue A49
Catalogue A49
$2500 – 3500
418 FINE MARLIN MODEL 94 L/A FULL MAG TAKE DOWN SPORTING RIFLE: 44 WCF; 10 rounds; 24″ round barrel with 2 line address & marked 44-40; mint bore; Marlin Rocky Mountain sights; 95% blue finish to barrel & mag tube; very vivid case hardening colour to receiver; blued finish to lever, hammer & butt plate; varnished walnut forend & butt; exc wo & cond. #401782 Post 1906 L/R Catalogue A49 $5000 – 6000
419 WINCHESTER MOD.1876 EARLY 2ND MODEL L/A FULL MAG SPORTING RIFLE: 1878; 45-60; 12 rounds; 28″ oct barrel; vg clean bore with well-defined rifling; nickel silver sporting front sight & Winchester Express rear sight, one standing & two folding leaves; Winchester & Kings Improvement Patents in 2 lines to barrel & LONDON proofed; MODEL 1876 engraved to top tang; 80% blue finish to barrel; mag tube, forend cap, lever & hammer have been re-blacked at some stage; receiver seems to be original finish with 80% blue remaining; thumb print dust cover & rail thinning to silver grey finish; g. forend wood with small chips to each side before the cap & displaying a few light dings & scratches; g. butt stock showing the same condition; crescent butt plate with trap; rhs plate screw slightly bruised o/w screws in vg cond; exc wo & good overall cond. #7638 N/L Catalogue A49 $4000 – 5000
420 WINCHESTER MOD.1876 FULL MAG L/A SPORTING RIFLE: 40-60WCF; 12 shot mag; 28″ round barrel; g. bore; std sights & 2 line New Haven address & Patents; MODEL 1876 to tang; 40-60 to lifter; sharp profiles & clear markings; 80% original blue to receiver & forend cap; faint case colours to hammer & lever; thinning blue to barrel, mag tube & butt plate; vg stock & forend with v. minor bruising; all complete; gwo & vg+ cond. #18831 N/L Catalogue A49 $5000 – 6000
421 RARE, ENGRAVED VOLCANIC, FULL MAG L/A CARBINE: 41 Cal; 20 shot full length mag tube with spring activated thumb piece follower; 16½” octagonal barrel stamped NEW HAVEN CONN PATENT FEB 14 1854 to top barrel flat; f to g bore; with well-defined rifling; German silver blade front sight & dovetail iron rear sight with elevation screw to rear of receiver; silver plated brass frame engraved in a large open scroll pattern; v. sharp profiles & engraving; professional re- blue/plum finish to barrel & mag tube, case colours to lever, 80% silver plate finish remains to frame & crescent butt plate; exc walnut stock, 187 stamped to stock under butt plate; gwo & exc cond. An extremely important firearm in the development of Winchester lever action repeater rifles. #187 N/L Catalogue A49 Item 421
Catalogue A49 Item 421
$40000 – 45000
422 GOLD WASHED ENGRAVED HENRY L/A RIFLE: 1864; 44 RF; 17 rounds; 24″ octagonal barrel; vg clean bore with strong rifling & some light marks; Henry sights with folding tangent rear sight graduated 100 to 900 yards; HENRY PATENT OCT 16 1860 MANUFACTd BY NEW HAVEN ARMS CO NEW HAVEN C.T.; silver grey patina to barrel with thin light plum patina; brass receiver with open foliate engraving & stippled background with doe leaping a 3 rail fence to lhs; remnants of gold wash in protected areas of engraving, particularly the borders; considered to be the work of SAMUEL HOGGSON; remnants of blue to firing pin/bolt assembly; screws in vg cond; exc fancy grade walnut, butt showing fiddle back & light marble cake character; 90% varnish finish with v. minor storage marks; brass butt plate with trap & engraving to top of heel; sling eyelets fitted. This rifle is in exceptional condition for its age, profiles are sharp & theaction crisp. 7633 N/L Catalogue A49 Item 422

Catalogue A49 Item 422
$45000 – 50000
423 HENRY L/A RIFLE: 1865; 44 R/F; 15 rounds; 24″ octagonal barrel with mag tube; dark & pitted bore; correct sights; HENRYS PATENT OCT 16 1860 MANUFACTd BY NEW HAVEN ARMS CO NEW HAVEN C.T. to barrel; plum patina; aged mellow patina to brass receiver; vg stock showing light wear; with sling swivels; this rifle is sharp & untouched but needs a good professional clean; no mag spring o/w vgwo & cond. #6718 N/L Catalogue A49 Item 423 $20000 – 24000
424 HENRY 1ST MODEL L/A R/F RIFLE: 1864; 44RF; 15 round tubular mag; 24″ oct barrel marked HENRY’S PATENT OCT 16 1860, MANUFACT’D BY THE NEWHAVEN ARMS CO NEWHAVEN; bore has well defined rifling with some areas of light pitting; blade front sight with folding tangent rear sight, graduated to 900 yards; plum patina to barrel with remnants of original blue in protected areas; brass frame with aged mellow patina; vg walnut stock showing light wear with some marks, brass butt plate with trap; with swivels, mag spring missing o/w exc wo & cond. #4898 N/L Catalogue A49 Item 424 $22000 – 26000
425 PAIR OF CLARK LONDON S/B FLINTLOCK GREAT COAT PISTOLS: 25 bore; 8″ rnd to oct barrels with top flats engraved CLARK HOLBORN LONDON, makers stamp & London proof stamps; engraved hook breeches; gold vents; exc bores; plain stepped locks marked CLARK, fitted with sliding hammer bars, swan necked cocks; roller frizzens & double bridled pans; London hallmarked silver furniture engraved with musical instruments to shell finial t/guards, 2 rod pipes & rosette side nail washers; g. profiles, soft grey finish to locks & barrels; g. full stocks, minor bruising, one pistol with v. small fore end chip & both with small age crack; horn tip rods with worm & screw; all complete; vgwo & g cond. C.1810. N/L Catalogue A49 Item 425 $5500 – 7000
426 DURRS EGG S/B FLINTLOCK TRAVELLING PISTOL: 20 Bore; 9½” octagonal twist barrel, top flat marked D.EGG LONDON in gold, platinum plug to touch hole, front & rear sights, hook breech, underside stamped DE387, London view & proofs; g. bore; engraved lock marked D. Egg, locking bar to spur type hammer, roller frizzen & rainproof pan; original ramrod; soft brown twist finish to barrel, silver grey patina to lock & furniture; g. cond half stock with chequered grips, minor bruising, 2 age cracks; engraved steel furniture includes pineapple urn finial t/guard, nose cap & butt cap; g. profiles; vgwo & f. cond. C.1800. # 387 N/L Catalogue A49 Item 426 $4000 – 5000
3 stage barrel, oct breech struck with London proofs, maker’s mark & GRIFFIN to top flat; plain banana shaped lock faintly marked GEO HALFHIDE, fitted with a swan necked cock (replaced cock screw) & semi-detached double bridled pan; ornate silver furniture with leaf & flower finial t/guard; ornate silver wrist escutcheon, eared grotesque mask butt cap & skeletal side plate with an old repair to that area; g. profiles & clear markings; replaced rod; silver grey patina to barrel, dark to lock; soft silver to furniture; g. stock with minor bruises, small aged crack at the lock surround & slither of wood from the forend; action slightly a/f, o/w g. cond. C.1740. An interesting piece for research N/L
Catalogue A49 Item 427 $2700 – 3500
428 ENGLISH J. PROBIN S/B FLINTLOCK DUELLING PISTOL: 18 bore; 9½” octagonal damascus swamped barrel; g. bore; silver bead front sight, notched rear sight at the tang; single gold band to the breech; top flat engraved J. PROBIN MAKER TO HIS R.H. THE PRINCE OF WALES; plain stepped lock fitted with a bolted safety, swan neck cock, integral pan, roller to the frizzen & gold touch hole; steel pineapple finial t/guard with set trigger & decorated with trophies & flags; g. profiles; clear markings & engravings; soft light brown finish to barrel; silver grey to lock, fittings & furniture; g. walnut stock with chequered butt & vacant silver escutcheon to wrist, v. fine crack to lhs of forend & bottom of lock plate o/w gwo & cond. C.1800. #S738 N/L Catalogue A49 Item 428 $3000 – 4000
429 H & I WHATELY TRAVELLING-DUELLING FLINTLOCK PISTOL:.65 Cal smooth bore, 15 bore; 9¼” octagonal barrel; front blade sight; Birmingham proof & view marks; g. cond bore; stepped engraved lock with H & I WHATELY, semi rainproof pan with roller frizzen spring; engraving on barrel tang & lock plate, pineapple finial t/guard with stand of arms; vacant silver wrist escutcheon; original horn tipped ram rod with cleaning screw tip; full stock with age split near muzzle lhs, some blemishes & indentations; o/w vgwo & cond. C.1775 N/L Catalogue A49 Item 429 $3000 – 3500
430 J.PROSSER LONDON U/O FLINTLOCK OFFICER’S PISTOL: 15 bore; 8″ octagonal damascus barrels with top flat engraved J.PROSSER CHARING CROSS LONDON; single gold band to breech; notched rear sight & silver bead front sight; scroll engraved barrel tang; borderline engraved locks fitted with bolted safeties; finely engraved with scrolls & foliage, marked J.PROSSER; fitted with swan necked cocks, rollers to the frizzens, rain proof pans & platinum touch holes; sharp profiles, clear markings, address & engraving; soft light brown original finish to barrels; shield & floral tributes engraved to t/guard with 80% orig blue finish; vg butt with chequered grip & vacant silver escutcheon; all complete with captive rod; gwo & exc cond; C.1810. A superb offering. N/L Catalogue A49 Item 430 $23000 – 25000
431 P. BOND LONDON BRASS BARREL FLINTLOCK BLUNDERBUSS PISTOL: 1″ bore at the muzzle; 7” flared barrel; borderline engraved action with P.BOND to lhs & No 45 CORN HILL LONDON to rhs in ovals; central action re-inforced cock with sliding safety rail; g. profiles; grey/brown patina to cock & t/guard, mottled mellow patina to brass; slab sided walnut grip with light bruising & vacant silver shield escutcheon; gwo & cond. C.1780 N/L Catalogue A49 Item 431 $3500 – 4600
432 JAS. PEACH GLOCESTER, OVER/UNDER FLINTLOCK PISTOL: 50 Bore; 2½” round turn off brass barrels, 3 & 4 to barrels & breech; borderline engraved brass framed action with London proofs, engraved both sides with stand of arms, lhs Jas Peach, rhs Glocester; central action reinforced cock with sliding safety bar; rotating pan with lever to lhs; grey patina to lock, uniform brass patina; walnut slab sided grips in g. cond, minor bruising; gwo & cond. C.1800 N/L Catalogue A49 Item 432 $2400 – 3600
433 TWIGG FLINTLOCK D/B COACH PISTOL: 28 bore; 9″ round damascus barrels struck with THE GUN MAKERS COMPANY & London proofs to the breech; g. bores; TWIGG LONDON to centre rib; plain borderline engraved locks with stepped heels & bolted safeties; fitted with swan necked cocks, integral pans & rollers to the frizzens; steel pineapple finial t/guard engraved with shield & floral engraving; g. profiles, clear address & markings; soft grey patina to barrels with clear damascus pattern; grey to locks, cocks, frizzens, fittings & furniture; g. stock with v. minor bruising & finely chequered butt; complete with horn tipped rod; gwo & vg cond. C.1795. N/L Catalogue A49 Item 433 $8000 – 9000
434 FLINTLOCK CANNON BARREL GREATCOAT PISTOL: 50 bore; 2.1″ round screw off barrel; proofs to breech; boxlock frame engraved LONDON, obverse side ARCHER within banners & scrolls; fitted with a re-inforced cock & iron t/guard; dark silver grey finish to barrel & frame, g. profiles; g. slab sided wooden grips with silver wire inlay, some inlay absent to top & rhs; gwo & cond. C.1790 N/L Catalogue A49 Item 434 $800 – 1000
435 RARE ENGLISH QUEEN ANNE CANNON BARREL FLINTLOCK PISTOL: 15 bore; 8” swamped 3 stage round barrel struck with London proofs under t/guard; g. bore; elegant lock fitted with a swan necked cock, detached double bridled pan & reverse spread frizzen spring; plain t/guard with ribbed r.rod pipe; sharp profiles with virtually no wear; soft pleasing grey patina to barrel, lock, cock, t/guard & fittings; beautiful stock with silver butt cap, vacant escutcheon & unusual side plate, all of Huguenot design; complete with horn tip rod; action slightly a/f but crisp condition for a pistol of this period. C.1750 N/L Catalogue A49 Item 435 $5000 – 6000
436 COMPOSITE GERMANIC STYLE WHEEL LOCK PISTOL, mostly New: .41 Cal; 16” round to octagonal barrel with chiselled decoration; new cast lock of classic form, external spring, sliding pan cover, panels of decoration in relief represent rams head, hunter, floral vines; dog with spur & carved as a Dog’s head appears to be original; nice new stock, bone inlaid with flowers, hounds, deer, diamonds & hunter; white metal furniture; all in as new condition. No trigger or provision for one, a non-firing replica. N/L Catalogue A49 Item 436 $1500 – 2000
437 PAIR OF SPANISH FLINTLOCK MIQUELET PISTOLS by V. AGUIRRE: 15 bore; 7.5″ round to octagonal barrels with engraved designs to flats & gold embellished engraved work to transition section, gold poincion to breeches with crowned V.E AGU RRE also 3 gold fleur de lis & 1gold cross stamps; f. bores; g. quality locks, 1 half cock slightly a/f; ornate figured steel furniture with some engraving includes eared butt caps, cone finial t/guards, 2 pipes, side plates & belt hooks; vg. profiles; grey brown patina to metal parts; figured walnut stocks with chequered wrists in g. cond, minor bruises, light scratches & some v. small chips absent to edges; wood rods; gwo & cond. C.1820 N/L Catalogue A49 Item 437 $5000 – 6000
438 ENGLISH S/B FLINTLOCK PISTOL by W. STAPLES: .60 Cal; 7 7/8″ swamped brass round barrel, London gunmakers & W.S view & proof marks to breech, some engraving to breech area & barrel; f. bore; decorative border engraved lock with foliate to tail & lock with W STAPLES, fitted with swan neck cock & single bridled pan; silver grey patina to lock, even mellow patina to barrel & furniture; g. cond stock with v. minor bruises, chip to fore end & shell carving to apron; brass furniture includes 2 rod pipes, skeletal foliate side plate, t/guard, large vacant wrist escutcheon & grotesque mask to butt; g to smooth profiles; original rod; gwo & cond. C.1765 Provenance; ex John Swinfield collection N/L Catalogue A49 Item 438 $4000 – 5000
439 ENGLISH S/B FLINTLOCK PISTOL by WAREN: .62 Cal; 8″ swamped round barrel, London gunmakers view & proof marks to breech, some engraving to breech area & faint LONDON to barrel; vg bore; border line engraved lock with scroll to tail, lock engraved WAREN, fitted with replacement swan neck cock, pan is single bridled; dark grey patina to lock, light grey to barrel, even mellow patina to brass furniture; g. cond stock, v. minor bruises, shell carving to apron; brass furniture includes 2 rod pipes, skeletal stand of arms side plate, engraved t/guard, large vacant stand of arms wrist escutcheon & grotesque mask to butt; g to smooth profiles; correct rod; gwo & cond. C.1760 N/L Catalogue A49 Item 439 $3000 – 4500
440 SPANISH MIQUELET FULL STOCKED FLINTLOCK PISTOL: .58 Cal; 6″ round to octagonl barrel with engraved ivy vine to flats coloured in with gold & black; g. bore; g. quality lock; ornate figured brass furniture includes disc to flat stock butt cap, urn finial to t/guard & rear rod pipe, floral star shaped side nail washers; silver grey finish to barrel & lock; engraved silver escutcheon to wrist depicts village church & tree; figured walnut stock in vg cond with only light scratches; horn nose cap; wood rod with ivory ends; vg profiles; gwo & exc cond. C.1740 N/L Catalogue A49 Item 440 $3000 – 3500
441 SCARCE DAY’S PATENT PERCUSSION TRUNCHEON PISTOL: .62 Cal; 8.5” brass turn off smooth bore barrel with flared muzzle, proof stamped; heavy Eagle headed body with 2 plates screwed on & embossed DAY’S PATENT; action stamped 77; Eagle’s head acts as grip for underlever hammer & trigger; screw cap on head accesses space for shot/cap storage; reddish patina to barrel, cleaned finish to action with some minor bruising; gwo & cond. C.1850 N/L Catalogue A49 Item 441 $8000 – 10000
442 SCOTTISH ALL METAL PERCUSSION BELT PISTOL by MURDOCH: 32 bore; 6¼” round to decagonal barrel; g. bore; clear maker MURDOCH & foliate engraving to lock; fittings include belt hook, traditional ball trigger, ramrod, rams horn butt & pricker; faint engraving to barrel & upper grip surfaces include foliate scrolls, stand of arms & small spirals; even dark brown patina to lock & trigger, soft grey to barrel & frame; g. profiles; g. cond, action a/f. C.1840 N/L Catalogue A49 Item 442 $1700 – 2000
443 PATTISON – SIDNEY – HALF STOCKED PERCUSSION S/B PISTOL: .62 Cal; 7” round damascus barrel, top stamped SIDNEY; g. bore, 7 grooves; back action lock stamped PATTISON; iron pineapple finial t/guard, hook breech & lock all engraved en-suite with foliate; complete with captive rod & belt hook; mottled grey/brown twist finish to barrel, 75% original colour to breech, lock & t/guard; g. cond stock with chequered grip, faint age cracks to lhs; g. profiles & clear markings; gwo & cond. C.1850 #005583 N/L Catalogue A49 Item 443 $2500 – 3000
4½” barrel with some bruising; boxlock centre hammer action with lhs marked V.R. & ROYAL CYPHER, rhs TOWER 1853; blue/grey patina to all metal, pitting to nipple area; f to g. stock with slight to moderate bruising; complete with captive rammer; clear markings, g. profiles; gwo & cond. Issued to the Prison guards at Port Arthur, Tasmania N/L
Catalogue A49 Item 444 $2500 – 3000
445 ANOTHER SCARCE AUSTRALIAN COLONIAL TOWER, IRISH CONSTABULARY PERCUSSION PISTOL: 16 bore; 4½” barrel with Govt proof stamp; boxlock centre hammer action with lhs marked V.R. & ROYAL CYPHER; rhs TOWER 1853; grey patina to all metal; g. stock marked BO with slight bruising & 1 dent ; complete with captive rammer; clear markings & g. profiles; gwo. & cond. Issued to the Prison guards at Port Arthur, Tasmania. N/L Catalogue A49 Item 445 $2500 – 3000
9″ smooth bore barrel engraved WESTLEY RICHARDS LONDON; lock marked AUSTRALIAN ROYAL MAIL CO; mellow brass regulation type furniture; fitted with belt hook & captive rammer; g. profiles & clear markings; soft grey finish to barrel, lock & fittings; g. stock with old repaired forend; gwo & cond. This pistol was an Officer’s issue by Australian Royal Mail Navigation Company. The lock marking is an abbreviation. The Company was formed in 1852 & carried mail & cargo between London & Sydney NSW. The ships were auxiliary steam sailors & the Company found it difficult to keep
their contract & ceased trading by the end of 1853. I know of only 3 of these pistols in collections. N/L
Catalogue A49 Item 446 $3000 – 3500
447 SCARCE, VICTORIA POLICE ISSUE CONSTABULARY PERCUSSION PISTOL by WILKINSON: 25 bore; 6″ barrel with Birmingham proofs, front bead sight & notched rear tang sight; borderline engraved lock marked WILKINSON; mellow to dark brass regulation furniture with t/guard inscribed H over 2 (H being Sandhurst Police District Victoria); all profiles good & markings clear; grey patina to barrel, lock & fittings; g. stock with minor bruising; complete with butt swivel & captive rod; gwo & cond. C.1860 N/L Catalogue A49 Item 447 $1200 – 1800
447a SUPERB, MATCHED PAIR OF SCOTTISH ENGRAVED HIGHLAND PERCUSSION DRESS PISTOLS: 38bores; 6½” round German silver barrels profusely engraved with acanthus leaves with an oval centre panel engraved with
drum, shield, flags, lances & Scottish beret; borderline & foliate engraved steel locks inscribed CAMPBELL with dolphin
head hammers; fitted with traditional ball triggers & belt hooks; engraved German silver forends, frames & rams horn butts with prickers; lhs of butts engraved with thistles, rhs with trophies & Scottish flags; oval escutcheons to the wrist engraved
with family crest of a halberd, a feather frond on one side & a leafed frond to the other; sharp profiles & engraving; a very pleasing finish to all German silver; soft grey to locks with minor staining; complete with rods; gwo & exc cond. A classic pair. N/L
Catalogue A49 Item 447 $8000 – 9000
448 ULTRA-RARE ELISHA COLLIER REVOLVING FLINTLOCK PISTOL/CARBINE: 46 Cal; 5 shot hand rotated, fluted cylinder; 12 7/8″ octagonal rifled barrel; silver bead front sight, notched rear; g. bore; top rib engraved E.H.COLLIER 4 LONDON in Old English script & with ornate engraving surround a lion’s head; borderline engraved lock of trophies, flags, foliage, serpent & E.H. COLLIER 4 PATENT; re-enforced cock fitted & having a v. small period repair; automatic primer engraved E.H.COLLIER 4 PATENT; ornate barrel tang engraved with trophies & flags as is iron square back t/guard; vg profiles; clear engraving & markings; soft grey finish to barrel, cylinder, lock & fittings; traces of orig blue finish to barrel tang & t/guard; vg chequered walnut stock with flared grip & socket for stock attachment; lhs of stock inlaid with a silver 8 pointed star with a central flower; complete with its original detachable walnut stock with borderline engraved butt plate, stand of flags & trophies engraved to tang & retaining 80% orig blue finish; matching stock & cylinder; orig rod with brass tips & sheathed worm; gwo & vg cond; C. 1820. Provenance of this rare Collier can be traced back through the one family for more than 3 generations. A rare flintlock & possibly the only pistol/carbine known. # 4 matching throughout N/L Catalogue A49 Item 448 $80000 – 90000
449 EXTREMELY RARE, AUSTRALIAN, PENAL COLONY ISSUE TOWER FLINTLOCK IRON BARREL BLUNDERBUSS of massive proportions: 1 7/8” at the muzzle; 24” iron barrel fitted with a side mounted spring bayonet; proofs to the breech; borderline engraved lock marked TOWER GR ROYAL CYPHER & I.GILL; fitted with a swan necked cock & integral pan; mellow brass regulation furniture with butt tang inscribed 5; g. profiles & markings; soft grey finish to barrel, lock, fittings & spring bayonet; g. full stock with minor bruising; weighs approximately 12¾ lbs. Reputedly used at the infamous Port Arthur Penal Colony, Tasmania. C.1830. An important piece of our Colonial History, only a few of these massive pieces were on issue, only 6 being noted. Purchased by Ian around 1975 from the family of the last caretaker of Port Arthur Armoury when it closed. N/L Catalogue A49 Item 449 $6000 – 10000
450 FORSYTH & CO UNDER & OVER PERCUSSION CARBINE PISTOL WITH SHOULDER STOCK & FOLDING BAYONET: .65 Cal bores; 254mm (10”) round barrels with ribbed sides, one rib holds the other holds folding bayonet with 6½” blade; upper barrel engraved FORSYTH & Co PATENT. LONDON, under-side barrel with London proofs & 4012; platinum safety plugs to breeches; notched bead front sight & V rear breech tang sight; g. cond smooth bores; back action locks engraved FORSYTH & Co PATENT; locks, hammers, finger grip t/guard, breech & stock tang engraved en-suite with acanthus foliate; trigger tang engraved 4012; vg cond stock with broad chequering, some minor bruising, socket to grip for detachable shoulder stock; skeleton shoulder stock in g. cond matching finish & patina of wood & metal; v. clear markings, g profiles all complete; vgwo & cond. C.1845 #4012 L/R Catalogue A49 Item 450 $6000 – 7000
451 ENGLISH WALKING STICK SWORD: 20” narrow triangle section blade with a brown patina; barley corn twist wooden handle; vg wooden body with stopper; vg cond. Circa 1870 L/R Catalogue A49 $800 – 1200
452 AUSTRALIAN COLONIAL PERIOD CONVICT PERCUSSION TRAP GUN: 1¾” at the muzzle; 15¾” iron barrel; barrel & lock encased in wood & secured by 3 wide iron bands; plain lock; hammer activated by a lever underneath the body of the gun when someone trips the wires; dark brown patina to all metal; very dark wood; all complete; gwo & cond. A scarce, early Colonial piece, purchased in Tasmania & not often seen in percussion, mainly flintlock. Of the type used in the Penal system & Port Arthur. C. 1840’s. N/L Catalogue A49 $1500 – 2000
453 BRITISH, 1/2 SCALE MODEL OF A 15 POUND BREECH LOADING CANNON: bronze, tapered 47” rifled barrel with a 1½” bore; good patina to brass barrel; mounted to an excellent ½ scale field carriage of metal construction with elevation mechanism & a vg green painted finish, MAY 1898 stamped lhs; 30” dished, wooden spoked wheels & 2 seats; gwo & vg+ cond. Made by FOSTERS MILL YORKSHIRE. This ½ scale model was made to the order of The Laird of Vail Hall, Shetland Isle of Vaila, Scotland, apparently to commemorate his service in the South African war & used to greet him on his return to Vaila . #115 L/R Catalogue A49 $15000 – 20000
454 WEBLEY BENTLEY TYPE OPEN FRAME PERCUSSION REVOLVER: .38 Cal; 5 shot cylinder; 127mm (5″) oct barrel; localised pitting to bore; PATENT 2204 to rhs of frame; 90% royal blue finish to barrel & cylinder; 40% to frame; side mounted loading lever, trigger & hammer polished; chequered walnut grips; vgwo & exc cond. #2204 Pre 1900 L/R Catalogue A49 $1200 – 1400
455 ORNATE OPEN FRAME PINFIRE REVOLVER – with ivory grips: 7mm; 6 shot cylinder; 90mm (3½”) rifled with 4 grooves, octagonal barrel partially engraved & decorated, fully decorated non fluted cylinder, also decorated body, pin shield edge, butt cap frame, decoration comprises continuous diamond pattern with silver “pin head” at every intersection; a few decorative pins absent but most original finish remains; good profiles; central hammer; front sight; loading gate to rhs; folding trigger; yellowing ivory 2 pc grips with 2 hairline cracks to u/side; action firm; gwo & cond. A great & unique piece for any collection, very hard to find like this #76328 L/R Catalogue A49 $1200 – 1300
456 COLT 1ST MODEL R/F DERRINGER: .41RF; 63mm (2½”) barrel; f. bore; std sight & Colt 2 line Hartford address to
top flat; std scroll engraved frame with spur trigger g. profiles & markings; pistol has a silver frosted finish o/a; gwo & cond. A good example of a scarce Colt No.1 Derringer. #2350 Pre’47 L/R
Catalogue A49 $1200 – 1500
457 COLT 2ND MODEL R/F DERRINGER: .41RF; 63mm (2½”) barrel; f. to g. bore; std sight & 2 line Hartford address to top flat; London proofs to barrel; std scroll engraved frame with spur trigger; vg profiles & markings; plum finish to barrel, silver grey to frame; vg Colt walnut grips; gwo & vg cond. #4850 L/R Catalogue A49 $900 – 1200
458 COLT 3RD MODEL RIM-FIRE DERRINGER: .41 Cal; 63mm (2½”) barrel; g. cond rifled bore, German silver sight; barrel has most of its blue finish, top engraved COLT, London proofs; nickel plated brass frame, some small areas of wear; wooden grips in g. cond; gwo & cond. #10063 L/R Catalogue A49 $1400 – 1600
459 AUSTRALIAN COLONIAL POLICE ISSUE COLT 1851 NAVY PERCUSSION REVOLVER: 36 Cal; 6 shot cylinder with 65% scene; 190mm (7½”) octagonal barrel; std sights, one line New York address & London Proofs; rhs barrel lug marked NSW POLICE, lhs NO.341; COLTS PATENT to lhs of frame; iron back strap & t/guard; g. profiles & markings; soft grey patina to barrel, cylinder, lever, back strap & t/guard; bruising to rhs at the wedge; g. orig walnut grips, lightly stamped N.S.W. POLICE; gwo & cond. C.1872 On issue to Constable Theodore Nies of the NSW Mounted Police. Sepia photograph & record of service supplied. 128832 L/R Catalogue A49 $3500 – 4500
460 AUSTRALIAN COLONIAL POLICE ISSUE COLT 1851 NAVY PERCUSSION REVOLVER: .36 Cal; 6 shot cylinder; 190mm (7½”) barrel with std sights, one line New York address & London proofs; Police No 385 to lhs barrel lug; COLTS PATENT to frame; iron back strap & t/guard; wear to profiles & markings; old re-blue finish turned brown with fine pitting to cylinder; v. bruised walnut grips; gwo & f. cond. C.1862 The chain of provenance comes with hand written document by Ian Cummins & signed by John Swinfield confirming he purchased it from Frank Nadin who had purchased it from the Morby? Family in Merriwa NSW who were given the gun by Police for their protection against Bushrangers. #130200 matching L/R Catalogue A49 $2700 – 3600
461 AUSTRALIAN COLONIAL POLICE ISSUE COLT 1851 NAVY PERCUSSION REVOLVER: 36 Cal; 6 shot cyl with 75% scene; 190mm (7 ½”) barrel with std sights, one line New York address & London proofs; COLTS PATENT to frame; iron t/guard & back strap engraved N.S.W·G·â·4; g. profiles, clear address & markings; 50% orig blue to barrel, thinning on the edges, silver grey to cyl, soft grey to t/guard, backstrap & frame; g. orig; walnut grips; gwo & vg cond. Complete with leather flap holster embossed with early Australian Coat of Arms. C.1862 #130199 matching except lever L/R Catalogue A49 $7000 – 8000
462 INSCRIBED COLT POCKET OF NAVY CALIBRE: .36 Cal; 5 shot rebated cylinder with v. faint scene & number removed; 165mm (6½”) oct barrel; one line New York address; unusual after-market notched dovetail rear sight & Rocky Mountain front sight; Colt’s patent to lhs of frame; 36 CAL to t/guard; rhs of barrel lug marked U.P.R.R. CO (Union Pacific Rail Road Co.) within a shield; soft mellow patina to brass back strap & t/guard; back strap inscribed PROPERTY OF WELLS FARGO & CO EXPRESS; wear to profiles, clear address & markings; grey patina to barrel, lever & frame; grey to cylinder with faint scene; at one stage a lanyard ring was fitted to grip, plus an extra small hole as well near the lanyard ring fitting; g. orig grips with sml chip to lhs; replaced wedge; un-numbered lever o/w all matching; gwo & cond. C.1861. #3094 L/R Catalogue A49 $4500 – 6000
463 COLT WALKER 2ND GENERATION PERCUSSION REVOLVER: 44 Cal; 6 shot, 228mm (9”) barrel with COLT HERITAGE COMMEMORATIVE in gold scroll lhs, Samuel Walker & Samuel Colt head portraits in gold to rhs, stamped C COMPANY NO 532 in several places; mint cond. #532 L/R Catalogue A49 $2000 – 2500
464 V. EARLY #2 FACTORY ENGRAVED LONDON COLT 3RD MODEL DRAGOON PERCUSSION REVOLVER:.44 Cal; 6 shot cylinder with 60% scene & London proofs; 190mm (7½”) part round, part oct barrel; std sights; rare engraved address SAML COLT LONDON (only three recorded incl #2 & #3); COLTS PATENT within a banner to frame; plated brass t/guard & back strap; scroll engraved lever, octagonal section of barrel & frame; back strap & t/guard scroll engraved with decorative borders; W R engraved in front of t/guard; vg clear address, engravings & markings; blue/grey finish to barrel, lever, cylinder & frame; 45% silver plate finish to t/guard & back strap; g. walnut grips A few grips (including #2,#3 & #125) are known to have a screw assembly which was done at the factory to reinforce the grip to give it extra strength; all complete with vg original leather flap holster, missing strap; gwo & cond. No.1 remains unfound C.1853 #2 matching L/R Catalogue A49 $9000 – 10000
465 COLT LONDON S.A.A. C/F REVOLVER: .45 Cal; 6 shot fluted cylinder, London proofed; 140mm (5½”) barrel; with added front & rear target sights & Colt one line Pall Mall London address; COLTS PATENT to frame;45 CAL to t/guard; sharp profiles, address & patents; 85% original blued finish to barrel, ejector housing, t/guard & back strap; traces of blue to cylinder; case colours to frame & hammer, turned silver; vg replaced Eagle grips; comes with original, poor condition leather flap holster; gwo & vg cond. C.1888 #126325 matching L/R Catalogue A49 $1800 – 2000
466 COLT 1ST MODEL DRAGOON, LUNCHBOX SPECIAL PERCUSSION REVOLVER: .44 Cal; 6 shot cylinder with faint scene & oval stops; 190mm (7½”) octagonal to round barrel; non std sights; no address or Patent dates; vg profiles; traces of blue to barrel, faint case colours to frame, grey to cylinder; all nickel plate finish remains to backstrap & t/guard;
vg walnut grips; gwo & cond. No visible s/n or markings. #646 Pre 1900 L/R
Catalogue A49 $3000 – 4000
467 COLT WALKER 2ND GENERATION PERCUSSION REVOLVER: 44 ML; 6 shot; 280mm (9″) barrel; mint bore; blk metal finish; case hardened loading lever, frame & hammer; square back brass t/guard; iron back strap; as NIB. #1401 L/R Catalogue A49 $1400 – 1600
468 COLT 2ND GENERATION BLACK POWDER ARMS 3RD MODEL DRAGOON PERCUSSION REVOLVER: 44ML; 6 shot; 203mm (8″) barrel; blue finish; walnut grips; as NIB with papers. #31008 Post ’47 L/R Catalogue A49 $1200 – 1400
469 AUSTRALIAN COLONIAL POLICE ISSUE COLT 1851 NAVY PERCUSSION REVOLVER: .36 Cal; 6 shot cylinder with 80% scene & London proofs; 190 mm (7½”) octagonal barrel; std sights & one line New York address; COLTS PATENT to frame, V.P. stamped rhs; G.6 (Bourke District- Police Depot at Richmond & various suburbs) engraved to barrel lug; iron t/guard & back strap; vg profiles, clear address & markings; soft grey finish to all metal with bruising rhs at the wedge; g. walnut grips stamped 212, being Trooper’s kit No; gwo & vg cond. C.1863
#168544 matching except cylinder #8582 L/R
Catalogue A49 $4000 – 5000
470 AUSTRALIAN COLONIAL POLICE ISSUE COLT 1851 NAVY PERCUSSION REVOLVER: .36 Cal; 6 shot cylinder with 25% scene & London proof; 190 mm (7½”) octagonal barrel with one line New York address & London proofs; COLTS PATENT to frame; iron back strap & t/guard; barrel lug engraved Z.18 (Portland District); wear to profiles, clear address & COLTS PATENT; silver grey finish to barrel, frame, t/guard & back strap; light & dark grey to cylinder; g. walnut grips stamped 756 (Trooper’s kit number); all complete; action A/F; g. cond. C.1863 #168707 matching L/R Catalogue A49 $3000 – 4000
471 COLT MODEL 1851 NAVY, SQUARE BACK PERCUSSION REVOLVER: 36 Cal; 6 shot cylinder with 50% scene; 190mm (7½”) oct barrel with ADDRESS SAMl COLT NEW YORK CITY; dark pitted bore; COLTS PATENT to frame; plum patina to metal; 80% silver plate finish to brass t/guard & back strap; wedge numbered 544 o/w all matching numbers; gwo & cond. C.1851 #2572 Pre 1900 L/R Catalogue A49 $4500 – 5000
472 AUSTRALIAN COLONIAL POLICE ISSUE COLT 1851 NAVY PERCUSSION REVOLVER: .36 Cal; 6 shot cylinder with 75% scene & areas of small dark stains; 190mm (7½”) octagonal barrel; std sights, one line New York address & London Proofs; COLTS PATENT to frame; iron t/guard & back strap; F12 engraved to barrel lug, (Ballarat District); sharp profiles, address & markings; 50% original blue to barrel; strong case colours to lever; lighter to frame & hammer; soft grey to t/guard & back strap; vg walnut grips; gwo & cond. C.1863 Ex Bernie Mack collection. #165903 matching L/R Catalogue A49 $4000 – 5000
473 COLT BREVETE 1851 NAVY PERCUSSION REVOLVER: .36Cal 6 shot cylinder with 85% scene & 70% blue finish; 183mm (7 3/8″) oct barrel with bead front sight, Colt 2 line New York address & COLT BREVETE; COLTS PATENT to frame; brass t/guard & back strap; 85% blue finish remains to barrel; strong case colours to lever, frame & hammer; mellow finish to t/guard & back strap; g. walnut grips; gwo & vg cond. Ex Archer family Tasmania. #1222 matching L/R Catalogue A49 $2500 – 3000
474 COLT 1ST MODEL DRAGOON, PERCUSSION REVOLVER: .44 Cal; 6 shot cylinder with oval stops & faint scene; 190mm (7½”) octagonal to round barrel; std sights & one line New York address; COLTS PATENT & U.S. to frame; N Inspector’s stamp to barrel, cylinder & frame & G to t/guard; brass square back t/guard & back strap; g. profiles, clear address & patents; soft grey patina to all metal; mellow to t/guard & back strap; f to g walnut grips with faint inspector’s cartouches to both sides of grips & repaired chip to inside heel; all complete; gwo & cond. C.1850 #6464 matching L/R Catalogue A49 $8000 – 9000
475 COLT BREVETE NAVY PERCUSSION REVOLVER: .36 Cal; 6 shot acid etched Naval scene with 90% intact; 190mm (7½”) octagonal barrel, acid etched with a likeness of Col Colt with a foliate surround & S. COLT patent; brass t/guard & back strap with a mellow finish; vg profiles & clear engraving; blue/grey finish to all metal parts; vg horn, 2 piece grips with lanyard ring; gwo & vg cond. #70048 Pre ‘47 L/R Catalogue A49 $1800 – 2200
476 CONTEMPORARY COPY OF A COLT BABY DRAGOON PERCUSSION REVOLVER: .31 Cal; 5 shot cylinder with oval stops; 102mm (4”) octagonal barrel; steel bead front sight; no markings to barrel; mellow brass frame, square back t/guard & back strap; grey finish to barrel & cylinder; g. profiles; g. walnut grips with even wear; all complete; gwo & f to g cond. #746 Pre ’47 L/R Catalogue A49 $800 – 1200
477 COLT MOD.1873 S.A.A. NICKEL PLATED, IVORY GRIPPED REVOLVER: 1901; 45 Colt; 6 shot; 190mm (7½”) barrel with one line address & 45 COLT; lightly pitted bore; RAMPANT COLT within a circle & 1871, 72 & 75 patent dates to frame; 95% + nickel finish; ivory grips, rhs carved longhorn with WR initials, lhs plain with repaired chip to bottom of grip; vgwo & cond. #212143 matching Pre ’47 L/R Catalogue A49 $3700 – 4500
478 R.A.F. MARKED COLT GOVT MOD. 1911 SERVICE PISTOL: 455 Eley; 7 shot detachable mag; 127mm (5″) barrel; vg bore; rhs slide COLT AUTOMATIC CALIBRE 455, rhs frame GOVERNMENT MODEL, W 105761, lhs slide Colt address & crossed pennants at rear, lhs frame stamped R.A.F., crossed pennants & ; lhs frame behind trigger G2A; bottom of mag CAL .455 ELEY with , S.D 2. 21 stamped on frame at front of grips; correct diamond & chequered walnut grips, lanyard ring fitted; exc wo & cond. #105761 L/R Catalogue A49 $2500 – 3000
479 PHIL VINICOMBE ENGRAVED REPRODUCTION COLT TEXAS PATERSON PERCUSSION REVOLVER: 36 Cal; 5 shot cylinder; 305 mm (12”) octagonal barrel; standard type front sight; silver band to muzzle; 2 bands to breech; top barrel flat engraved COLT’S PATENT FEB 1836; ENG PJV ’80 under the barrel; breech & barrel lugs scroll engraved; frame, back strap en-suite; sharp profiles & engraving; revolver has all blue finish to barrel & cylinder; case colours to frame & hammer; beautiful ivory grips; gwo & fine cond. #411 Post ’47 L/R Catalogue A49 $2500 – 3000
480 ITALIAN PIETTA LEMAT PERCUSSION REVOLVER: 44ML; 16G ML; 10 shot; 192mm (6.75″) barrel; blue finish; walnut grips; as NIB. #10089 L/R Catalogue A49 $2500 – 3000
481 SCARCE LEMAT & GIRARD’S LONDON 2ND MODEL PERCUSSION REVOLVER: .42 Cal, 9 shot Birminghamproofed cylinder & 63 Cal s/shot grapeshot; 165mm (6½”) octagonal barrel with LEMAT & GIRARD’S PATENT LONDON; 127mm (5″) round barrel (shot) with Birmingham proofs; loading lever to lhs; sharp profiles; clear address & markings; plain frame with iron t/guard & back strap; 75% blue finish to barrel, lever & cylinder, the balance plum; thin blue/plum finish to shot barrel; orig case colour to hammer; vg original chequered walnut grips with lanyard eye to cap; all complete; vgwo & vg cond. C.1865. #8705 matching L/R Catalogue A49 $7000 – 9000
482 S&W 1ST MODEL HAND EJECT C/F REVOLVER: 455 Cal; 6 shot fluted cylinder; 165mm (6 ½”) barrel; std sights, barrel address & Cal markings; std S&W trade mark to rhs of frame & British inspection stamps; 90% original blue finish remains; vg S&W walnut grips with lanyard loop attached; revolver has been de-activated by a cut in the barrel at the breech o/w gwo & vg cond. Comes with web holster. An attached tag states USED AT GALLIPOLI BY CAPT JOHN LAYMAN O’DONNELL 18TH BATTALION AIF. Given to me by his son. #46837 L/R Catalogue A49 $400 – 500
483 BERETTA MOD.1934 S/A PISTOL: 9mm Corto; 7 shot mag; 86mm (3 3/8”) barrel; g. bore; std slide address & markings; 75% original blue finish remains; g. original black plastic Beretta grips; gwo & vg cond. Comes with spare mag & vg leather holster. #761924 Pre ’47 L/R Catalogue A49 $400 – 500
484 COLT 1903 PISTOL HAMMERLESS S/A PISTOL: 32 Rimless; 7 shot mag; 121mm (4¾”)barrel; g. bore; std sights, slide address & Rampant Colt trade mark; 80% original blue finish remains; exc Colt hard rubber grips; gwo & vg cond.
#255740 Pre ‘47 L/R
Catalogue A49 $600 – 700
485 COLT 1860 ARMY THUER CONVERSION CF REVOLVER: 44 Colt; 6 shot cylinder with vg scene; 203mm (8″) rnd barrel with one line New York address; bore has strong rifling but lightly pitted; frame marked COLTS PATENT; t/guard marked 44 CAL; LONDON proofed; Thuer ring with PAT SEP 15 1868 & E at ejector position; remnants of orig finish to protected areas o/w light plum patina with light salt & pepper pitting; case colours to frame; 80% silver plate to brass t/guard & iron back strap; varnish finish to grips showing light wear; gwo & cond. #178454 all matching Pre 1900 L/R Catalogue A49 $7000 – 8000
486 CASED 2ND GENERATION COLT WALKER PERCUSSION REVOLVER: 44ML; 6 shot; 228mm (9″) barrel; blue finish; case coloured frame & lever; brass t/guard; as NIB. In g. wooden case with flask, bullet mould & nipple key. #32453 Post ’47 L/R Catalogue A49 $2200 – 2400
487 CASED COLT DERRINGER MODEL NO.3: .41 R/F; 63mm (2½”) steel barrel marked COLT in gold with gold bands
& foliate engraving to muzzle & breech; silver frame, back strap & grip screw escutcheons all engraved en-suite; frame underside stamped RC (R.Chapman, Sydney); vg grips; as new blue to barrel, hammer & trigger, as new silver to body, strap & escutcheons. Presented in exc cond blue velvet lined silver mounted case. C.1885 #7735 L/R
Catalogue A49 $2000 – 2500
488 CASED MOORE & WOODWARD PEPPERBOX PERCUSSION PISTOL: .31 Cal; 5 shot, one piece fluted barrel cluster struck with London proofs; 57mm (2¼”) barrel; acanthus foliate engraved frame inscribed MOORE & WOODWARD 64 St JAMES LONDON within oval on lhs; fully engraved centre hammer with top mounted sliding safety; sharp profiles, engraving & markings; 75% orig blue finish to barrel cluster, fading case colour to action, case colours to butt cap, safety bar & hinged cap lid; 80% blue to t/guard; exc v. fine (100 lines per inch) chequered walnut grips with vacant escutcheon; gwo & vg cond. Presented in its original & vg cond mahogany case with vacant lid escutcheon & Moore & Woodward trade label; lining of heritage red baize in g. cond; accessories include Tortoise shell nipple pot & full set of spare nipples, orig W.D. marked pincer mould with rammer arm & original Hawksley flask; exc wo & cond. C.1860 #86 L/R Catalogue A49 $4500 – 5500
489 CASED PEPPER BOX PERCUSSION PISTOL: 80 bore; 7 shot barrel cluster; 92mm (3¾”) fluted barrels struck with LONDON proofs; centre hammer action profusely engraved with bordered acanthus foliate, with sliding top safety; exc profiles & engraving; blue/grey patina to barrels & fittings, original case colours to action; vg v. fine chequered walnut grips; vacant silver wrist escutcheon; steel butt cap, t/guard & hammer engraved en-suite; hinged engraved butt trap for cap storage; exc wo & cond. Presented in their original vg Mahogany case, usual lid age crack; partitioned & lined in green cloth with a compliment of vg original accessories including bullet mould, flask, nipple wrench, rod, jags, Eley cap tin. C.1850 #205 L/R Catalogue A49 $3500 – 4000
490 CASED PAIR OF WOGDON & BARTON FLINTLOCK DUELLING PISTOLS: .55 Cal; 10″ oct barrels with top flats marked WOGDON & BARTON in gold, with silver front & notched rear sights, gold band to breeches, gold lined vents, underside stamped with gunmakers proof & RW; vg bores; engraved hook breeches; engraved stepped locks with bolted safeties, engraved swan necked cocks, gold lined semi rainproof double bridle pans, roller frizzen springs & engraved WOGDON & BARTON in ovals; g. profiles to all metal; half stocked in Walnut with minor bruising & scratches, small amount of wood absent near one lock, smooth profiles, old crack repair & small infill to one grip, horn nose caps, silver barrel key escutcheons; iron furniture comprises 2 rod pipes, pineapple finial t/guards with engraved stand of arms; raised removable turn-off steel escutcheons with engraved armorial crest to butts enable fitment of detachable stock (stocks not included); complete with correct horn tipped rammers; even dark grey patina to barrels, locks & furniture; exc wo & vg cond. Presented in vg cond original mahogany case with recessed brass handle to lid; lined with green baize, some stains & wear; accessories include loading rod, oil bottle, leather covered flask & correct pincer mould. C.1820 A good set from a famous maker. N/L Catalogue A49 $25000 – 27000
491 CASED BELGIAN PIN-FIRE PEPPERBOX PISTOL: 5mm; 6 shot smooth bore fluted barrel cluster; 51mm (2”) barrel stamped ELG to muzzle; central spurless hammer; acanthus foliate engraving to barrel cluster & frame; u/side frame stamped 3186; 2 piece ivory grips, rhs with 1 crack & lhs with many; all complete & orig; gwo & cond. Contained in their original black pig skin leather over wood, French style case, lined with blue felt; includes ramrod & t/screw with bone handles & bone knob to cap compartment lid. #3186 L/R Catalogue A49 $2000 – 2500
492 CASED SUPERB COLT MODEL 1855, ROOTS PERCUSSION REVOLVER: 31 Cal; 5 shot fluted cylinder, London proofed; 89mm (3½”) round barrel with 2 line New York address; frame with spur trigger; revolver has a blacked finish with very fine & elaborate gold Koftkari application of foliage, leaves & flowers to barrel, cylinder, frame, lever & back strap, 90% gold finish remaining; fitted with aged ivory grips with repaired chip to lhs bottom, with an German silver, oval escutcheon inscribed IS, (IS);gwo & cond. Presented in its original, fine, black velvet covered case; lid with coronet, drapes & IS, bordered with Medusa, trumpets & flowers; partitioned & lined in the French style in maroon velvet with gold washed Hawksley bag flask & Colt 31 Cal mould & gold topped Eley cap tin. C.1866. #10172 L/R Catalogue A49
Catalogue A49
Catalogue A49
$15000 – 20000
493 CASED FACTORY ENGRAVED 1849 COLT POCKET PERCUSSION REVOLVER: .31 Cal; 5 shot cylinder with 90% stage coach robbery scene; 127mm (5″) barrel; vg bore; SAML COLT within a banner engraved to top flat; early scroll engraving to barrel flats, loading lever, action & hammer; scroll engraving has been inscribed with the initial R.L.C.; barrel retains some original blue turning to plum; t/guard & backstrap retain all silver plating, vg original aged ivory grips as indicated by i over 1 below serial number; showing some age cracks; pistol is in o/a vg cond. Contained in an original mahogany case lined in deep burgundy velvet lining; with Colt’s patent eagle flask, nipple key, tin of Eley caps, Colts patent brass mould & key; all in vg cond. #97307 all matching N/L Catalogue A49 $5500 – 6000
494 CASED FACTORY ENGRAVED LONDON COLT NAVY PERCUSSION REVOLVER: .36 Cal; 6 shot cylinder with vg scene; 190mm (7½”) barrel with single line ADDRESS. COL. COLT. LONDON.; London proofs; vg bore; scroll engraving to barrel flats, loading lever, frame & hammer; barrel retains 40% orig blue; t/guard & backstrap retain 85% silver plating & engraved with scrolls; g. wood grips with some blemishes; pistol is in o/a vg cond. Presented an orig vg cond Mahogany case, lined in red velvet, little wear or staining; accessories include cap tin, Colt’s Navy powder flask engraved COLTS NAVY FLASK with JAMES DIXON & SONS SHEFFIELD, spare mainspring, 2 spare nipples, cleaning rod, nipple key & Colts Patent steel bullet mould; 2 screws absent from case hinges, o/w exc cond. C.1855
# 19084 matching L/R
Catalogue A49 $25000 – 27000
495 CASED PAIR OF LE PAGE A PARIS S/B PERCUSSION MUFF PISTOLS: 30 Cal; 1” round barrels; leaf engraved bands to muzzle & breech; boxlock centre hammer actions engraved with trophies, flags, cannon balls & arrow & quivers; LE PAGE A PARIS within an oval to boxlock tang; No’s 1 & 2 stamped to hammer, barrel & frame of each pistol; sharp profiles & engraving; with a pleasing soft grey finish; 92 inscribed to rhs of exc bag shaped ivorygrips & with a family motif of a Rampant Lion in a belted circle with ‘in hoc signo vinces’ (in this sign thou shall conquer); exc wo & cond. Presented in their original, vg mahogany case with square ivory escutcheon; partitioned & lined in the French style in purple velvet; with horn flask, combination barrel key & nipple wrench & bullet mould. C.1850 An excellent casing from a famous maker. N/L Catalogue A49 $4500 – 6000
496 CASED LASSETER RETAILED MERWIN & HULBERT & CO 1ST MODEL LRG FRAME REVOLVER: 44 Merwin & Hulbert; 6 shot; 178mm (7″) rnd barrel; mint bore; open top frame with scoop fluted cylinder & 2 small screws above t/guard; nickel finish to frame, barrel & cylinder; case hardened colour to hammer; trigger blued; barrel marked MERWIN & HULBERT & CO NEW YORK USA PAT JUNE 24, APR 21, DEC 15, 74 AUG 3 75, JULY 11 76, APR 17 77, PAT’S MAR 6 77 & THE HOPKINS & ALLEN MANUFACTURING CO NORWICH CONN USA; red chequered gutta percha grips. The revolver is in unissued cond. Presented in an orig oak case; F. Lassetter & Co 421 George St Sydney trade label, red velvet lined with some moth damage; no accessories. Exceptionally fine throughout. #308 L/R Catalogue A49 $9000 – 11000
497 CASED TRANTER 3RD MODEL DOUBLE TRIGGER PERCUSSION REVOLVER with detachable shoulder stock: 38 bore; 5 shot cylinder;178mm (7″) octagonal barrel inscribed B.COGSWELL.224.STRAND.LONDON. to top strap; std sights & fittings; borderline & part foliate engraved frame, butt cap, t/guard & loading lever; g. profiles, address & engraving; 80% original blue finish to barrel & frame; trigger, spurless hammer & loading lever in the white; vg chequered walnut grips with shoulder stock socket; all complete; gwo & vg cond. Presented in its original oak case with vacant escutcheon to lid & g. cond B. Cogswell trade label with light stains; partitioned & lined in original green baize, minor stains & fading; with mould, bag flask, oil bottle, turnscrew, nipple wrench, rod & jag, nipple pot, 2 Tranter lubricating bullet tins & cap tin, all orig; vg cond skeleton shoulder stock attachment with case colour to metal fitting; exc wo & cond. A superb set #13916 T L/R Catalogue A49 $12000 – 14000
498 CASED COLT 1860 ARMY PERCUSSION REVOLVER: 44 Cal; 6 shot rebated cylinder with 85% scene & minor spotting; 203mm (8”) round barrel with std sights & one line New York address; COLTS PATENT to frame; 44 CAL; to brass t/guard; iron back strap; sharp profiles & markings; blue turned to plum finish to barrel, 70% blue to back strap, blue in protected areas to cylinder & vivid case colours to lever & rhs of frame, lesser on lhs; mellow finish to t/guard; vg+ walnut grips with one small area of minor bruising; gwo & exc cond. Presented in its vg original mahogany case, partitioned & lined in burgundy velvet with Colt cap tin, Colt 1860 flask, exc iron mould, nipple wrench, packet of 44 Cal combustible envelope cartridges & oil bottle. An excellent casing. #160062 matching L/R Catalogue A49 $10000 – 11000
499 CASED COLT 2ND MODEL DRAGOON PERCUSSION REVOLVER: 44 Cal; 6 shot cylinder with 90% of Ranger scene remaining & MODEL U.S. M.R. COLTS PATENT; 190mm (7½”) barrel marked ADDRESS SAML COLT NEW YORK CITY; vg bore;lhs of frame marked COLTS PATENT U.S.; g inspector’s stamp to t/guard; sharp profiles, clear address & markings; 90% silver plate finish to square back t/guard & back strap; 65% original blue finish to barrel; frame retains 70% orig case hardening colours; g. cond one pc mahogany grips with minor scratches & 90% original varnish; all matching including wedge; exc wo & cond. Presented in an original English style oak case with coin escutcheon; partitioned & lined in Royal blue velvet, showing signs of wear & oil staining; with key, J. Barlow bag flask, oil bottle, Colt mould, nipple wrench & Eley’s Colt percussion cap tin; all in vg cond. 1851. #10288 LR Catalogue A49 $23000 – 25000
500 CASED FACTORY ENGRAVED COLT 1851 NAVY PERCUSSION REVOLVER: 36 Cal; 6 shot cylinder with 90% scene remaining; 190mm (7½”) oct barrel with one line New York City address to top barrel flat; vg. bore; Colt’s patent to lhs of frame & cylinder; lhs of barrel lug & cylinder struck with London proofs; 50% silver to back strap & t/guard; 95% orig blue finish to barrel; frame retains 50% original case hardening colours & 90% to lever; acanthus foliate engraving to barrel & frame, vine, foliate & floral engraving to lever, back strap, t/guard & cylinder shroud; g. cond one piece mahogany grips with smooth profiles; all matching except wedge; exc wo & cond. Complete in its original English style Oak case in vg cond; lined in Royal blue velvet with minor blemishes; with a J.Barlow bag type flask, Dixon oil bottle, WD bullet mould, nipple key & tin of Eley Colt’s percussion caps. 1850 Appeared in Man at Arms Vol 10 1988 p24; low numbered. #209 L/R Catalogue A49 $40000 – 50000