David Henderson

David has been a keen shooter for nearly 50 years (in those days you could start at the age of 8 with an air rifle or a .22).

His main passion is hunting rifles & sporting shotguns, with a particular interest in English side by side shotguns – particularly those manufactured before 1900.

He has owned & used a range of rifles himself ‘anything from .22 rifles for rabbits up to a .375 H&H for hunting large antelope in Africa.  Likewise with shotguns, he owns & uses a range of shotguns from 12 to 28G on a range of game (quail, ducks & pheasants) as well as for clay target shooting.  (He is a member of Field & Game Australia).  As well as hunting over most of Australia, David has also hunted in Africa, New Zealand, England, Papua New Guinea & Turkey.

‘The first thing I notice when I look at a gun (for myself) is the wood.  If I don’t like the wood on a gun, I rarely go much further.  The second thing I ask myself is – “can I use it in the paddock?’’.  I probably shoot 4 out of 5 weekends.

With 2 English setters & a Labrador, David is a keen hunter – “I love shooting with dogs & if I didn’t have dogs I think my enjoyment of hunting would diminish by about 70{1d5c31e015aac93a26c2d0fd4bae157699d195f46abba796503ddc3e628fb321}”.

With a background in training, education & recruitment David has extensive experience dealing with people from a wide range of backgrounds. He enjoys meeting with people & being able to assist them with their requirements.