Australian Arms Auctions

Date of Auction:

Saturday 9th & Sunday 10th September, 2023.

Starting Time:



By appointment


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Items include of good assortment:

  • Pre 1947 = Pistol & revolvers incl S&W, Colt, Webley, Browning, Mauser C96 & PO Lugers; Walthers, Steyr, Janpaese B=Nambu, Papa & Bay T.26 & T.14 ETC.
  • Military rifles = Lithgow, Cadets, Martini’s, Carbines, 98 Mausers, P.14 & P.17 Rifles; Snipers; Steyrs 1895 rifles.
  • Sporting rifles = Winchesterr, Savage, BRNO, CZ. Mannlicher, Remington, W.Richards, Marlin, Sauer drilling & Whitney
  • Percussion = Colts, 1862, 1860 Arny, 1849 Pockets, 1851 Navies, Rootes side hammer, dragon & baby dragoon
  • Mammoth collections of Winchesters = 1866, 1876, 1885, 1886, 1895, 1894; 1892, Commemoratives,
  • 2 Anti-Tank rifles
  • Superb cased Dixon double Perc rifle
  • Swords & bayonets

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